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Improver/Easy Intermediate; 4 wall Line Dance (64 counts), CCW direction;
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (UK) (December 2014)
Choreographed to: “Once In A Lifetime” by Heartbeat Duo
Album: Once In A Lifetime (114bpm) 16 count intro
Download available from Itunes & Amazon (UK)

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Wednesday Class

Alan & Sonia

Published in the magazines pictured below

CMDS magazine
February/March 2015 issue
Up Country magazine
April 2015 issue

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Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Marion Brechin FB 13jun15 - Well done Diana ...You Do Choreograph a Lot of Good Dances x

CarolGrant Manson FB 12 June at 12:04 - Great news and so well deserved. We're so fortunate that Diana chose our song 'Once In A Lifetime' to choreo this lovely dance to. Diana's dance is very popular here in Australia too :)….Grant & Carol...

CarolGrant Manson FB 11jun15·- We're thrilled to see that Diana Dawson's line dance to our song 'Once In A Lifetime' is so popular, with over 12025 views on Youtube since January 2015 and No 1 line dance in the Netherlands….

Frederico Suelter on FB <<> NR 1 in the Netherlands !!!!! 21 May
Facebook comments
Marion Wyatt One of our best dances in the West Country. 21 May 2015
CarolGrant Manson Congratulations Diana ~ So well deserved….Thank you for choosing to choreograph this lovely dance to our song 'Once In A Lifetime'….Grant & Carol….HeartBeat...

youtube comments on video by Alan& Sonia
HeartBeatDuo 8 June 15 - Lovely to see this professional video and dance to our song..Cheers Grant & Carol
Marga van Lubeek-Mengelers April 2015 Youtube comment - mooie muziek,fijn om te dansen.
Torrs March 2015 - Wonderful - as always.
LittleHiawatha548March 2015 - Thanks for sharing this videoclip Alan and Sonia. Beautiful dance and song.

Caroline Pearson 01Apr15 - Hello Diana, I just had to tell you about your new dance, Once In A Lifetime,Jeff Has taught it to two of our classes, they love it.The music is beautifull,and goes well to the steps.Hope it goes well up the charts for you,We have had the chance to dance it, at a weekend away.Caroline.

Noreen Fitzgerald FB 21 February 18:18 That's a nice dance

Ferruccio Meterazzi FB 21 February 18:12 - Thanks for sharing.Diana.Very very good

Marlyn MarszalekThe Villages, Florida (USA). Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your new dance.,..... I began teaching it in my classes and the other instructors have picked it up as well. We all thank you for a cute dance and beautiful music..... Line dancing is our most popular activity We are all volunteer instructors and I teach four classes a week. My classes range from “high beginner” to “intermediate”, and when I introduced this dance to my classes, (other instructors attend my classes too) they all said they were going to teach it. Whenever you choreograph another, please keep me in mind. Thank you so much.- 27Jan15

World Line Dance Newletter 26jan15 - Once in A Lifetime received a vote!

Ann Brodie, No Angels taught Once In A Lifetime FB 21jan15

Evie, BC Canada 15Jan15 - Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying learning this dance. The flow of steps and the music go so well together it will be a pleasure to teach the girls next week. Right now we are in Yuma, Arizona for the winter and man do the people here love to dance!

George Moens Mooie dans...en muziek. - Beautiful dance ... and music.

Deane Verhoeven Mooie dans en mooie muziek! - Beautiful dance and beautiful music!

Millie Dusha California - Dance went over great in two of my classes that I have taught it so far. Thanks 12jan15

Maria from Malaysia. 10jan15 Just watch your video clip on this dance. A very nice beautiful dance and music.

Margaret & Jim.x 9jan15Happy New Year Diana, thank you for your latest dance, we have just watched it and like it very much. Keep it up

Lauralee 9jan15 ....lovely tune with such beautiful, meaningful lyrics. ! I deeply appreciate your choreography, and your assistance...

Janetta - Germany 8jan15Lovely! It's on my long list! Sweet song, too!

Katharina 7jan15 - thank you for your new dance! It’s really a beautiful song and I’ll do in with my Monday-class, they like such music.

Uschi Blue Rodeo Liners - 7jan15 -Thank you so much for this wonderful dance

jenifer Wolf Canada, 5jan15 - Thanks for the new dance , looks like a nice dance to that song.

Evie from B.C., Canada 5jan15 - Thank you so much for your new dance Once In A Lifetime. The music is nice and has a nice flow. I look forward to teaching it to my class.

Alan Wall 4Jan15 - Looks great, I will put it on my list in Tilbury, Essex, xx

Margaret Gough ( Country Roots ) 4jan15 - Just walked through “Once In A lifetime”.....It’s a nice dance to a lovely piece of music. I plan to teach this week and I know it will go down well. I’m sure it will do well and be one of the Top dances in 2015. Thanks for sending it to me, it great to have a good dance to teach at the first classes of the new year

Mike King 4jan15 - what a lovely track, hope your dance 'goes well' for you. My class restarts next week and I will def. be teaching it for you. Best wishes as always

Helen Pietroforte 4jan15 - Thank you so much for sharing your dances with me. I'm always looking for dances. I teach. All levels of dance. This looks like a real nice dance. I enjoy teaching your dances. Thank You,

Mary Stubbs 4 January at 10:11 - Very nice indeed can't wait to teach it! x

Fay 4jan15 - Thanks Diana ... We will be doing this one.

Jenny Dann 4jan15 - Hi Diana, your new dance looks good. It shows you in Scotland, which is not where I thought you lived. Hope you haven't been hacked again. Haven't looked for the music yet, got to get the class up to speed again Monday before giving them a new dance. Happy New Year. xx

Amy Lefeber 4jan15 - Stagecoach Country Dancers, Zoetermeer, Holland - we wish you a Happy Dancing 2015 too and we hope you will write again a lot of nice dances. Thanks for sending your new dance and what a lovely music. I am sure I am going to teach this nice dance

Sue Ann 4jan15 - Thanks for sending the step sheet for your new dance. Can’t wait to give it a try!What a great start to the New Year!

Frédérique Buzzy Boots Dancers, France, 4jan15 - very beautiful music and very pleasant dance.

Marilyn 4jan15 - thanks for the dance Hope this is a success too.

Vivian So. California, 4jan15 - hope 2015 has gotten off to a good start! Thank you for the dance and music info, beautiful song. I look to sharing this dance with my students.

Dyan 3jan15 - Thanks for your latest dance. I like the music and the “no tags or restarts” so I’ll teach it at my first class in January.

HeartBeat Duo, Australia: "We are thrilled to hear that you have choreographed a dance to one of our Original songs. Thank you so much Diana……Grant & Carol HeartBeat." 15Dec14

Ginnysboots, USA, Diana, Love it Thanks so much Hugs Ginny

HeartBeat Duo - 12Dec14 - YouTube comment - Thank you so much Diana for choreographing this dance to the title track of our 'Once In A Lifetime' Album. Our music and other information is available on our website:

LittleHiawatha548 - 11Dec14 - youtube comment - Beautiful dance Diana and many thanks for sharing this videoclip. Best wishes to all of you. I will teach this dance to class. Thank you Carol and Grant for this lovely song with beautiful lyrics.

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