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97. INVITATION STROLL [C] - August 2014
4-walls, 32 counts, CW direction, Beginner Line Dance,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Aug 2014)
Choreographed to; Invitation To The Blues by Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell; (118bpm)
Album; Old Yellow Moon. Download track from Itunes etc
32 count intro
Can be danced to many other songs – just get up and dance!

Thank you to Jolene & Barry for bringing this song to my attention!

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Wednesday Class

Herve (teach)

Millport Country & Western Festival, 5-7 September 2014
and again at Millport 2015 for impromptu Beginners session
Coldstream Over 60's Club - October 2015
Silver Sunday - Langlee Community centre, Galashiels - October 2015
Published in the magazines pictured below
Up Country magazine
October 2014
CMDS magazine
October 2014

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Jean Webb, on MOVE RadiowEDNESDAY 21fEB18 -played INVITATION STROLL - featured choreographer Diana Dawson

World DJ's Social Play List (Plays, Movers & New Entries) W/E 24-Feb-18
Invitation Stroll (Diana Dawson)

Gillian Walters - 30/10/2014 - This is a lovely nice and easy little beginners dance to a catchy country track also goes well to Don't know why i love you but I do by Charlie Pride as suggested by Deanna - LD review

Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn ·06oct17 love that music and dance
Morton Mcburnie 10Sep17 - The 1st dance I learned & still my favourite
Vivian 30jan15 - Currently my beginner classes are enjoying Invitation Stroll, classes love it!

Heather Gronow Had a great time in Brean (26th-29th Sept) for the C&W festival. They taught Diana Dawsons dance Invitation Stroll

Lana 12SEP14 - I have your Invitation Stroll down to use with a beginners class.

Jo Ann from Quebec Canada - I like your dance very much....

Elizabeth Carr -Thanks for your recent dance Diana - ( Invitation Stroll ). I have taken a copy and downloaded the music. like it very much. Will be teaching it Monday Morn. Sure everyone in class will love it. 22 Aug 14

Pat Needham Lovely little beg dance, my seniors will love it. Thankyou so much 18aug14

LittleHiawatha548 Youtube comment -Very nice dance for beginners Diana. Thank you so much for sharing. All the best. 18aug14

Ruth Brown - FB 17 August at 22:13 - Taught it

Ruth Brown FB 17 August at 22:13 - Love it

Lilian 17aug14 - Thanks for the dance we will try it

Cathleen Bossaller 17aug14 - Thank you for the new dance………looks like a really nice one for my AB class……………Happy Trails & Keep Dancing..

Mike King 17aug14 - Many thanks for sending your dance - I love this kind of music - more please !!!!! Hope it goes well for you.Best wishes as always,

Margaret Gough 17Aug14 - saw the dance on Copperknob, liked it very much, as you say a great dance to teach beginners, which I plan to do it tomorrow night.

Roy & Evie Meloche Canada, 17aug14 - That new dance of yours, Invitation Stroll, is one of the nicest new beginner dances (and sensible) I have seen in a long time. Great music as well and very easy to take it to the next faster level when one is ready to move on. Good job! Happy dancing.Evie

Tim To 17aug14 - Your new dance fits perfectly well with my Western Country. Thank you very much. Will definitely teach it this Wednesday night.

JoAnn 17aug14 - I have a basic beginner class that will love this dance.

Vivian, So. California, 17aug14 - I like it! Thanks for sharing.

Ann 17aug14 - Thanks for your e-mail regarding the dance Invitation Stroll,I had just downloaded it this morning as I think my ladies would like a nice easy dance.

Ami Lefeber - Stagecoach Country Dancers Zoetermeer, 17aug14 - A new beginner dance from you. I love the music and it is a good beginner level dance for my students.

Marie Valentine FB 13 August 18:11 - It nice.

Barry Wallace (Jolene & Barry) FB 13 August at 17:06 great song diana -- will be a pleasure to play it ! !

Julie Snailham FB 13 August 16:53 Lovely little beginner dance Diana thanks xxx

Ruth Brown FB 13 August at 16:13 Lovely dance and music x

Ginny - Diana, Thanks so much. I'll teach it Thursday Hugs Ginny - 12aug14

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