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94.CARTERS ROCK [C] March 2014
4-walls 64 counts, CCW direction, improver line dance,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (March 2014)
Choreographed to: The Way That You Love Me by Nathan Carter. (176bpm) Download track from Itunes.

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Carlisle Workshop

Mary Frances Chua

Alan & Sonia

Heiko Lattner(& teach)

Taught at Kingshill "Carlisle Canter" 21-23 march 2014

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland
& NI (CMDS) - April 2014

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Marlyn I’m sure my classes will love this dance. I look forward to the dances you choreograph in the future.Happy Dancing, 16JUL14

Linedancer charts - COUNTRY CHARTS - 16MAY14 - No. 30 CARTERS ROCK (4% )Diana Dawson

Audrey Brown - 16apr14 - Did Carters Rock last night and as I thought it was enjoyed by all, thank you so much for helping me out with the music, hope it does well for you. Thanks again.

E McIlvar - 14/04/2014 A good dance to another Nathan Carter track. Nothing difficult or too complicated. 2 easy tags. (The music will tell you!) Thumbs up from my class.

Millie Dusha 10/04/14 - I taught it at my Thursday afternoon class. They all had a lot of fun with it. It went over great with the class.

Lise Goulet 11 April 05:13 - Elle commence à être enseigné ... belle danse ... belle musique.

Liz Carr- 01/04/14 Just wanted to say I will be teaching one of your latest dances on thursday ( Carters Rock ) its very good and I know my classes will enjoy. Agnes Mcclean Linedancer review - 07/04/2014 - This 64 count 4 wall dance by Diana Dawson has a real feel good factor about it to an uplifting track by Nathan Carter. An easy teach and very enjoyable.Give it a try !

Joy Ashton Linedancer review - 03/04/2014 - Good improver dance from Diana Dawson to another great track from Nathan Carter. A good combination of basic steps that fit this tempo perfectly. Had a lot of fun singing the count in to the words ~ mustn't give up the 'day job'!

Gerald Adams - Carters Rock Great Country Dance went fab Last night - FB 29mar14

Gerald & Vera Crowvalleyline.co.uk - Hi Diana your dance [ Carters Rock ] went great they danced it three time a fab country dance thank you

Cathleen in San Diego…taught Carters Rock this morning. The teach went well………the dance was well received, and the dancers LOVE the music. My dancers are always eager to learn another of your dances, as we do several already, and they are among our very favorites……….thank you for a great dance!Happy Trails & Keep Dancing..............

Gerald Adams - Fab Country Dance more please - CARTERS ROCK YOUTUBE

Linda kONG 27MAR14 - How are you? I'm a line dance instructor in LA. I just saw your new choreographed dance "Waikiki" and really interested .....to teach the dance.

lilian RUSSELL 26MAR14 - Thanks for the dance hope to do it tomrow night

Marilyn x*:) happy CLAPHAM 26MAR14 - Greta dance brilliant music must be a hit, I hope so. We love your dances. Many thanks

Mike http://www.countryroots.co.uk/ 26MAR14 - Really appreciate your kindness in sending me ...CARTERS ROCK Hope it goes well for you.... well done on this one, I hope the 'bands' pick it up.

Best wishes as always, Jeanette Robson -26MAR14- Thanks Diana I will certainly give it a go.

Sue bALL 26MAR14 Thank you Diana, will give it a go, Thanks again,

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