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2-wall, 64 counts, intermediate, country chacha line dance,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (March 2014)
Choreographed to: “Waikiki” by Dick Van Altena, (108 bpm)
Album: Flowers From The Moon, Download track from iTunes.

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Carlisle Workshop

Alan & Sonia

IndoDream Stardancers

Tina - Taiwan

Taught at Kingshill "Carlisle Canter" 21-23 march 2014

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland & NI (CMDS) - April 2014
Up Country Magazine

- May 2014

BWDA magazine

May 2014

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Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

tina 7JAN15 - We really enjoyed this one. Best of luck with your dances! .... Tina

Roy & Evie Meloche Canada, What lovely, gentle music. If only they would play that type of music in the stores, instead of that rap crap. 25jun14

BWDA Magazine - June 2014 - Dance Reviews - WAIKIKI: Pleasant country track with Hawaiian Guitar. Nothing too hard and one you don't have to think about too much. Nice one to put inbetween harder or faster dances

Audri 9/5/14 - Hi Diana, just to let you know our classes all love "Waikiki" requests for it every week, so don't stop choreographing, we're loving them all. Thank you,

Lynda Pilling - Taught it last week at our easier class and it went down well. 06may14

Linedancer charts - COUNTRY CHARTS - 16MAY14 - No. 43 WAIKIKI (2% )Diana Dawson

Gaye Teather taught at G-Force L.D.C., near Mansfield, Notts
WAIKIKI - Diana Dawson. Music of the same name by Dick Van Altena. This 64 count cha cha rhythm dance flows beautifully to this Country song with Hawaiian guitar giving it a really different feel (smell the coconut!). There is a 16 count tag at the end of wall 1 which is easy and the dance has scope for lots of attitude and hip swaying; I taught this initially at a weekend event at Torquay where it was very well received and it is equally popular in my easy intermediate level classes where I taught it for the first time this week. No doubt the flower garlands will be out in force at our next social! Diana produces some excellent choreography, always using the lyrics to make the dance stand out. Love it! - LDUK 10May14

Gaye Teather review of dances taught at IOW Torquay weekend - WAIKIKI - Diana Dawson. Diana is a wonderful choreographer and her dances are always spot on both rhythmically and lyrically and we certainly had some rhythm with this one. It's a Country song with a strong Hawaiian theme. Beautiful dance in the mode of RMH's 'Just A Kiss'. 64 count smooth Cha Cha and lends itself to lots of hip sways and the wearing of flower garlands (which we did) which added to the fun. 15Apr14

Gaye Teather - Just wanted to let you know that I taught Waikiki at the I.O.W. Tours weekend that I hosted this weekend in Torquay. We just got home last night. The dance was a big big hit with everybody and one of the highlights of the weekend. Lots of flower garland wearing, hip swaying and a real fee-good atmosphere in the room. I always love your dances and I knew this would go down a treat and it did. Thanks again for another smashing dance and I'm sure it will be another huge success for you. 15Apr14

Kelly hagens - youtube comment on Waikiki - 03/04/14 We learned this dance yesterday

Mo MacQuarrie Fab dance! x

Uschi Blue Rodeo Liners 28MAR14 - thank you so much for the dance... I love both very much and shall teach your dance soon.

Elma (CLYDE COASTERS) 27MAR14 - Just to say 'Thank you' for your latest dances. I like the music ...... so a pound to a penny ..... I'll enjoy doing the dances. When I get the chance to do them, I will write a review. In the meantime, good luck with them.

LittleHiawatha548 - WAIKIKI - YOUTUBE COMMENT 27MAR14 - Oh What a lovely dance on a beautiful song, Diana and girls. I do love it and will teach to class. Thanks so much for this videoclip. All the best

Johnny ANDERSSON 27MAR14 - I just Love the Dance and Music

Elaine Kelso - waikiki - 25 March at 15:43 - Lovely music Diana, need to learn the girls that one xx

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