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4-walls, 32 counts, easy improver line dance,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (November 2013)
Choreographed to: Hard to be a Hippie by Billy Currington & Willie Nelson.
Album - We Are Tonight - Music download from iTunes etc
Thanks to Glennys Croston for bringing this track to my attention

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Alan & Sonia

Amy & Jane

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland& NI (CMDS)
October 2011
Up Country
February 2014

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Jean Webb 15feb14 - Thanks Diane, Hard yo be a hippy has gone down brill. Hits our social floor tonight !

Up Country Magazine Top 10 Dances - June 2014 issue - ITS HARD TO BE A HIPPIE featured in the TOP 10's of:Durrington Rebels CMC, Worthing; Mrs S Fletcher, Norfolk; Angela Harris, Suffolk

Up Country Magazine Top 10 Dances - May 2014 issue - ITS HARD TO BE A HIPPIE listed as No. 7 in the Magazines TOP 10 DANCES

Up Country Magazine Top 10 Dances -May 2014 issue - ITS HARD TO BE A HIPPIE featured in the TOP 10's of: Mrs G Harrison, East Sussex; Mrs N Peacock, Surrey; Mrs KJ Woodford, Essex

Jody Kravitz 13mar14 - I am going to teach this at the SDNLD Beginner's Workshop this Sunday night in Balboa Park (in San Diego). I believe that Cathleen Bossaller has taught this in the "Inland North County" area of San Diego county some time ago. Thanks for all you do for our community!Jody

Linedancer Magazine -on-line 16FEB14- "Country Charts" listed ITS HARD TO BE A HIPPIE at No 41

E McIlvar - 11/02/2014 - Class enjoyed this dance immediately. An easy teach, no tags or restarts and of course, a good track "It's hard to be a hippie". What did I do with my Afghan coat, etc? Ha! Ha! Good luck, Diana.

Barbara Hignett 10feb14- Golly I have been busy lately just wanted to let you know i taught Hard to be a hippie with the class two weeks ago it went down very well

Ann Montgomery 4feb14 Blue Blue day and Hard to be a hippie nice easy improvers dances that I can give to my ladies......Ann

Julie Snailham 4 February 17:32 - Another fab little dance Diana thank you x

Audri Roffe - 28/01/2014 - Tried this dance last night at Beg/Imp class & they enjoyed doing the dance, 1/4 turn sailor was good for the beginners, enjoyed the music,we all love 2-steps. Cheers went up when they realized Tag Free & Restart Free. We'd all like to see you have a big hit with this one Diana. AudriR (Ladies in Line)

Jannetta Bensing - Dear Diana,Thank you so much for this great dance. I will teach it when my beginner group is ready for it.Such a fun song!

Leigh Moss 26 January 10:33 - Hard to be a Hippie has been published in the February Up Country Magazine. Your dance Same thing Happened To Me is in the UC charts at number 4

Audri R. - Hi Diana thank you for "It's Hard to be a Hippie" - I love both your script & the track...the classes will be so glad to be doing TAG FREE - Restart FREE & just settle down to enjoy the dance & music. Will be doing the dance next week, let you know.

Leigh Moss 24 January 17:05 - Great dance. Liz taught it last night.

Ellie Hill -"Its a brilliant dance Diana. I taught it Wednesday and they loved it. Thanks x x x"

Cher Palmer 24 January 03:46 - I like that dance going to teach it maybe next week.

Liz Moss 23 January 23:08 - Diana Dawson's Its hard to be a hippie taught in class tonight. Enjoyed by everyone.

Liz Moss commented on a link you shared. 23jan14 - "It's my teach for tonight x" 23 January 23:08

Glenn Brittain - Great Dance Diana,I will certainly share your link. Keep in touch,Kind Regards,

Katharina Tratter thank you so much for your new dance. We like to do in between dances with good country-music, it is coming right!My best wishes, kind regards

Joanne Carr -22jan14 Thank you for another dance that looks good!. Keep it country!!!.

Barbara Hignett 22jan14 - Hi Diana, Going to teach hard to be a hippie tomorrow night I know my class will love it. Thank you for the sheet etc

Marilyn 21jan14 - Hello Diana, Thank you for the dance & music, hope this is a hit for you.

Pat Raine 21 January 00:38 - Thanks Diana , I looked at it on my laptop . Good dance and song choice .

Steve Kedge 20 January 20:02 - Good choice of song.:-).

Vivian - So. California 20jan14 - Thank you for including me on your distribution list. Looks like a fun dance.

Paula Lezan - This is a very nice dance. I love the music.I will teach it this week at the Dry Gulch-Depew, NY, COVE-West Seneca, NY and Possibly atThe Dugout in Pendelton, NY.(USA)

Ellie - Fab dance Diana, I will certainly be teaching it. Great track too Kindest regards

Elma - Hi Diana, I taught it in December and really liked it. Will be continuing to do it now that I am back to classes.(Jan2014)

Joyce, Ramblinrose Linedance - I just love love your new dance will teach it on wed......... and thank you so much for the step sheet.. Happy Dancing

Judy Kravitz USA - I've been super busy and haven't been keeping up with your dance mailings. PLEASE keep them coming. I'm going to give this choreography a try this week at my Wednesday night line dance class.

Elma Robertson - Lovely dance taught it in class. - fb 20jan14

Eve - I love this dance and music and I will be teaching it this week at all of my classes. All of your dances go down very well here in Florida and I include at least 2 of your at all of my classes. Keep up the good work.Thank You.

alan and sonia - Its hard to be a hippie - video comment20jan14 - Love the dance Diana, keep up the good work, best wishes.

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