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91.BLUE BLUE DAY [C]2013
4-walls, 32 counts, improver line dance, Choreographed by Diana Dawson (September 2013)
Choreographed to: Blue Blue Day by Anne Murray Album: Country Crooniní, (98 bpm),
32 count intro

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Hyunju Yun

Anita Gabrial

Alan & Sonia

Taught at Workshops:
Kingshill weekend, Carlisle - April 2013
Millport Festival - Sept 2013
and Jean Webb's FancyFeet, Blackpool - SEpt 2013
Delayed circulation until January 2014

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland
& NI (CMDS) - February 2014

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Cathleen Bossaller - 13Jun20 - and on a personal note, i've been starting each daily dance session, that i do in my living room while on lock down, with one of my favorites........."blue, blue day", yet somehow my day is never blue! keep well and keep smiling!

Elma (CLYDE COASTERS) 13feb14 - I like the look and sound of Blue Blue Day. I'll be doing it next week and know for a fact that the class will enjoy it. Thanks again.

Barbara Hignett 10feb14 - I plan to teach blue blue day this week and I know before I do it will be well received just like all your other dances that I have taught.Sooooooooooo nice to have dances that everyone can get up and enjoy. just as we did many moons ago when linedancing first became popular

Shirley Moss de Jong 4 February 15:42 - Taught 'Blue Blue Blue Day' this morning Diana it went down really well a big thumbs up from the dancers ....:-)

Ann Montgomery 4feb14 - Blue Blue day and Hard to be a hippie nice easy improvers dances that I can give to my ladies......Ann

Heather Gronow 1 February 18:13 - nice little dane and nice cheerful music :S

Frank 31jan14 - I have the backing track to Blue Blue Day so I will be singing it in my set and I'll promote your dance.Regards Frank

Katharina Tratter - blue blue day 31jan14 - thank you for your message, itís always a pleasure when Iím here from you. Iíll do this dance with my Monday-group, they like your dances and music!!!

Tim ToThanks Diana for sharing. I certainly like this one a lot.

Ruby Chen 31 January 03:27 - My favorite artist!! Now I really have to learn this dance!!

Kay Kemp 31 January 06:50 - Another nice dance Diane.

Ilse Thank you so much for sharing this dance and music with me, very nice song and dance.30Jan14

Joanne Carr -Thank you again. Love it ! Regards Jo - 30Jan14

alan & sonia Cheers Diana, we are going to learn it tomorrow and film it on our next session

Lyn Wilson Thanks Diana, Girls will love this dance. Great job.

Eve Moraghan - Love it, 30Jan14

Mike countryroots -loverly jubbly !! - my kind of music & dance. Will be teaching this next week (Thursday morn) to my improver class. Well done, hope it goes well for you, I certainly will be recommending to other teachers in our area for you. 30Jan14

Vivian So. California - cute dance, thank you - 30Jan14

Jannetta Wonderful! - ILCW 30Jan14

Pat Reilly "Lovely dance Diana xx" - 30Jan14

Sue Ann - Nice dance, Diana! 30Jan14

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