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90. GOING DUTCH 2013
4 wall, 64 counts (feels like 32), beginner/improver line dance; CCW direction, no tags or restarts
Choreographed by Diana Dawson – Summer 2013
Choreographed to “Wie Se Kind is Jy by Dr Victor (90/180bpm)

Note: the track is quite long (4min20sec) so you might like to fade it out earlier at approx 3min25secs where the dance will still end facing front

This dance is dedicated to the 2014 South African Sunflower Fund 'BWDA Just Dance' fundraiser

Durbanville Linedancing - Today (10 Oct 2014) - As promised our fun video of Cape Town's Sunflower Fund Dance 2014 . 'Going Dutch" by Diana Dawson Scotland. Well done one and all and a big thank you again for your support ...:-) — with Natinline Dance and 8 others at Cape Town September 2014. Shirley Moss deJong

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Wednesday Class

Amy & Jane

South Africa
Sunflower Dance 2014

Kingshill weekend, Prince of Wales, Southport - October 2014
Kingshill weekend, Carlisle - March 2014
Fancy Feel, Blackpool - October 2013
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Country Music & Dance in Scotland
& NI (CMDS) - December 2014

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Uschi - Blue Rodeo Liners - going dutch 30 oct13 - Hi Diana, thanks for you new dance. I shall try i t tomorrow. I think i shall like it.

Tim 30oct13 -I like this dance and music very much. Will definitely teach. Thanks.

Jim Pearson Shetland, 30/10/13 -Diana thanks for the new dance going Dutch, I think it's great and good music, will be learning to my class

Vivian 30/10/13 - Thank you, looking forward to giving it a go!

Janetta - your new dance has been translated to german already... great, no work for me ;-) it is also on the "Brandneu" (brandnew) list on the well-know website get-in-line.de. greetings from Hamburg Germany from Janetta - email 16Nov13

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