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87. WHY DON'T YOU [C](2013)
beginner/improver level line dance, Choreographed by Diana Dawson (April 2013)
Choreographed to: Why Don't You Stay The Night by Ray Dylan Music download from iTunes etc

MUSIC UPDATE January 2018 – New release of the song “Why Don’t You Spend The Night” sung by Barry Kirwan 0n album “Moments” (2017) available on Amazon & iTunes. – this version has a 32 count intro and does NOT need a tag. The song is a cover of the original Ronnie Milsap hit of 1980.

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Amy & Jane

Ria Van Bruchem

Taught at Workshops
Kingshill CARLISLE PARTY , on 27 April 2013
Kingshill weekend, Carlisle - March 2014
Fancy Feet, Blackpool - Oct 2013

Published in the magazines pictured below
Up Country Magazine
June 2013 issue
CMDS Magazine
June/July 2013

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World DJ's Social Play List (Plays, Movers & New Entries) W/E 24-Feb-18
Why Don't You (Diana Dawson)

Gerald & Vera [www.crowvalleyline.co.uk] 15feb14 - Some great dances to kick 2014 off with thank you All.....Why Don’t you by Diana Dawson

Sue Wilson, Sioux Dance, Motueka, New Zealand, included Why Dont You in her Top 10 Dances - Matilda mag - December 2013

Gerald & Vera 18nov13 - This month's Dances Nov 2013 - Why Don't You by Diana Dawson[ Be/ Imp ]

world teaching survey - oct 2013 - Why Don't You: Diana Dawson: taught in North Carolina, USA

Helen xxx 15oct13 My dancers still requesting "Why Don't You" and loving it.

Gerald - top dances 18aug13 - No 5 Why don't You by Diana Dawson [ Beg /Imp ]

Wanda Junek - I teach line dance in North Carolina [USA] and I like your dance Why Don't You. The rhythm is great on it and so is your choreography! We need more dances that are fun to do and not so complicated... Just fun to do and not intense..... thank you, Diana and keep the good dances coming!

Linedancer Top Tens - Teachers of Why Don't You 07 july 13
Mrs Catherine Mcgraw (Auchterarder, United Kingdom)

Christine Deffee Linedancer review - 17/06/2013; Nice little cha-cha - I especially like the third 8 with the back rock. Good track

E McIlvar Linedancer Review - 15/05/2013; Diana taught this dance at Carlisle weekend in April. Easy, warm up dance to music that's easy on the ears. My class gave it the thumbs up.

Barbara Hignett - Taught you dance last week the class loved it. Well done you. Lovely dance great music keep them coming 11jun13

Vera & Gerald -Crow Valley line - Thank you for sending us your dance [ Why Don't You ] ,we dance it last night and the class love it. More please! - June 2013

Linedancer mag - on-line Top Tens - Teachers of Why Don't You
Christine Deffee (Worthing, United Kingdom)

Sheila Palmer 22 May 18:17 - What a lovely track Diana x why dont you 22 may13

Helen Bissett - Why Don't You, taught it at my iPod night last night and it was loved by all. 18may13

why dont you 24may13 Lyn Wilson, Ontario Canada - We did your dance Wednesday night and it went over the top!!! They asked for it twice in a row... and again at the end of night.Love the song.Great job!!

Helen Bissett - Thanks too for Why Don't You, taught it ay my iPod night last night and it was loved by all.

Frederico Suelter 21 May 13:26 Facebook - yes ,this is cute dance , will be teached in our class

Ellie - I taught this dance to my class and they love it and the music. Thank You x x x 18may13

Elma McIlvar - 15/05/2013 - Review in Linedancer magazine website - Diana taught this dance at Carlisle weekend in April. Easy, warm up dance to music that's easy on the ears. My class gave it the thumbs up.


Margaret & Jim 8 may 13 - thank you for script lovely - music & steps go well- easy to understand - looking forward to the next one

Elma (CLYDE COASTERS) 15 may 13 - Thought I'd let you know that I taught your dance 'Why Don't You' and my class loved it. I'll post a review later on.

Sue Ann - Looks like another nice dance, Diana! I think my Beginner/Improver class will have fun with this. Thanks for sharing.

Lyn Wilson, Goderich, Ontario Canada 16 may 13 - This went over very well at class .... I did twice in a row as requested. At end of night “for your choice of dance “ they asked again.Love it !!!

Mel Fisher 16 May 16:10 fb - my classes really love this xxx

Cathleen Bossaller in San Diego…………….found your dance “Why Don’t You “ this morning in my email inbox, and taught it this afternoon. Thank you for sending it, and all the hard work that I know you put into it. The dancers liked the music and the dance, and are eager to do it again next week!7 May 13

Elaine Kelso - What a lovely litle dance to a great song, well done, will be showing the girls it tomorrow night. xx - 6 May 13

Mel Fisher Have taught Why Dont You this morning and it got the biggest round of applause ever xxxx hope it does really well hun xxx

Fran Harper, Doncaster - Hi Diana, taught your lovely little dance, Why Don't You yesterday afternoon class. Everybody loved it. xxx Fran - 1st may 2013

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