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4-walls, 64 counts, easy intermediate line dance,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Feb 2013)
Choreographed to: Blue Bayou by Damien Leith (& The McClymonts) (105bpm)
Album: Roy (A Tribute to Roy Orbison) available from Itunes etc Intro: 32 counts

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Alan & Sonia

Amy & Jane

Kingshill Southport weekend in March 2013
kINGSHILL Carlisle Party weekend in April 2013

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland & NI (CMDS)
June/July 2013
Up Country magazine
July 2013

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Rita Kyle - By the Way, I don't think I told you, we have been using your dance for our performances. Good Job 29may14

Tony Wheat - I taught this dance to my class last night. I went down very well. Many thanks - July 2013

Jean Leithead - 12/07/2013 - review on Linedancer.com "Love this flowing dance.1 easy restart. Will appeal to all levels of dancer."

Linedancer mag on-line - Top Tens - Teachers of My Blue Bayou
Mrs J Robson (Hebburn, United Kingdom)
Julie Curd (Folkstone, United Kingdom)

Julie Curd - 31/05/2013 - Lovely easy improver dance to super oldie track, not Roy but good version. I am doing the first half of the dance with beginner class. Works well. Not many good impro dances about,lot of Int, so was nice to find this one. Well done Diana.

Julie - My Blue Bayou -thanks for sending me script for dance. My classes in Kent love it. 5 june13

JAMES PEARSON - BBC RADIO SHETLAND - Thanks diana this looks really great will be teaching it on tuesday

LittleHiawatha548 comment on Youtube 17 May 2013 - Lovely dance and very well danced Amy and Jane. Thanks for uploading. Best wishes

Tim To - Thank you Diana, very nice dance.

Mike King, Country Roots, Lowestoft - Many thanks for step sheet - much appreciated. Good luck and hope it goes well for you.

Pat - Thanks so much for the Script of your new dance I think its great and will be teaching as soon as I can.. Good Luck with it.

Jeanette Robson - Thanks for this - It is lovely song - I will definitely teach it. Regards

Vivian. So. California (L. A. area)thank you, I love it and I think my students will too! Good job!

Ilse Netherlands - Thank you so much for this lovely dance. Have been watching the videoclip from Amy and Jane, they did a great job.I do love this dance Diana and hope you'll have a great success especially with this dance.

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