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4-wall 64/40 counts, intermediate line dance, CCW direction,
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (March 2013)
Choreographed to A Beautiful Noise by Neil Diamond, (127bpm)Various Albums,
download from Itunes etc
Start on Vocals on the word “noise”. The music slows down on the last wall – slow down your steps to match

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Wednesday Class

Amy & Jane

Released & taught at Kingshill Southport weekend 15-17 March 2013
Taught a Kingshill Carlisle Party - 27 April 2013
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Country Music & Dance in Scotland
& NI (CMDS) - April 2013
Linedancer Magazine
May 2013

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Jean Webb, on MOVE RadioWEDNESDAY 21fEB18 -played A BEAUTIFUL NOISE - featured choreographer Diana Dawson

Gerald & Vera 18nov13 This month's Dances Nov 2013 A Beautiful Noise by Diana Dawson [Int ]

Charles - Coles Country - Also doing "A Beautiful Noise" in my sets now, going down very well. 23 Oct 13

Lisa Bessinger - 21/10/2013 - Linedancer review - We have been dancing this for a couple of months now and all my dancers love it. I'm so glad it is now in the charts. The dances flows beautifully even with the three restarts and for once everyone in the class knows when they are coming up! Well worth looking at.

May Minion - 24 July 03:46 - I love. That...Sandra Speke taught us that..luv Neil Diamond..lovely dance..Welll Done!!!

Linedancer teaching survey - More Teachers of A Beautiful Noise 07July13
Mrs JEAN Gandy (Benalmadena-Costa, Spain)
Mrs Diana Lowery (Scarborough, United Kingdom)
Marlene Gascoyne (Rotherham, United Kingdom)

Lynda Mcdonald Linedancer review - 17/06/2013; WENT DOWN WELL WITH MY CLASSES PITY NOT MORE PEOPLE ARE DOING IT

Loraine Price 15 June 19:11 Facebook;everybody in my class love it, even the re-starts, plus singing along to the music. well done

Jeni Bradshaw 12 June 22:37 Facebook; Couldn't agree more been doing it a few weeks and know several other classes in the area also doing it and everyone is loving it

Caroline Dancer Cooper 12 June 17:46 Facebook; Just danced Diana Dawson new dance Its a beautiful noise :) , by Neil Diamond, omg! if you haven't tried it yet then please give it ago, its suitable for all levels of dancers. Floor filler, thanks Diana for a fabbie dance! xxx love caroline xxx

Nita Metcalfe email June 13, 2013 ;Hi Diana, I taught beautiful noise last week and this week and we did it at a social we had on Tuesday. I would not be surprised if it reaches no 1 as it was requested over and over again. There were quite a few teachers at the social so i bet they go home and look it up as well.

Mike Derrik Route 66 Worthing 28may13 Our latest teaches at Route 66 in not so sunny Worthing ...included... A Beautiful Noise by Diana Dawson

Linedancer teaching survey - Teachers of A Beautiful Noise 22may13
Mrs Lois Lightfoot (Dovercourt, United Kingdom)
Mrs J Robson (Hebburn, United Kingdom)
Mr Harold Starkey (Whitehaven, United Kingdom)
Michael Woulfe (Chelmsford, United Kingdom)
Stella Wilson (Newark, United Kingdom)
Pauline Bell (Dewsbury, United Kingdom)

Diana Lowery - 20/05/2013 - Sorry Speno ... I LOVE this track ! My favourite song by Neil Diamond. Have taught this dance to my Mixed Ability class as well as my Intermediates, and it's gone down very well indeed with everyone. Mixed Ability class struggled slightly with Section 6 (after the Figure of 8 weave) but I'm sure they'll get there in the end. Lots of singing along and that's a good sign they like the dance - from one Diana to another .. Well done !

Pauline 17 may 13 - I taught A Beautiful noise last night- It was lovely to be able to learn a dance so easily and then teach it. I love the music and your choroegraphy just flows so well. it ws a good teach. Thanks so much. x


Pauline Bell - 16/05/2013 - Review in Linedancer Magazine website - I love this dance. The track is fabulous -it builds slowly and has a great chorus. The dance flows so well and I learnt it really quickly, but it is challenging enough for itermediates. There are 3 easy restarts-all in the same place. Give it a go and your dancers will love it and soon be singing along!


Pauline Vell I taught A Beautiful noise last night- It was lovely to be able to learn a dance so easily and then teach it. I love the music and your choroegraphy just flows so well. it ws a good teach. Thanks so much. x

Marilyn ClaphamThis is a lovely dance , clever lady, wow, we so love A Beautiful noise, its a great dance and my ladies so enjoy singing! Love Neil Diamond, at least I had the music this time.Keep up the good work.

More Facebook comments - May 2013 (dance published in LD Mag)
Donald McIntyre - Graham taught it at his class (Edinburgh City Kickers) the other week, it's a great dance and flows with the music so well. 8may13
Ron Bloye "- taught at March last night - all class liked" - 8may13
Ron Bloye Been doing for last 2 weeks Diana - all 4 ints Classes done to love it - doing at March Braza class tonite - our Improver class
Jayne Perks My classes love your dance xx
Gary Lafferty It's on my To Do list also ... had good feedback on it from one of my class members who has been attending your classes recently.
Ann Brodie Walked through it ready to teach but will have to be in a couple of weeks now - hols are calling!!
Patricia Stott That's great news Diana, hope it does really well for you x
Ann Rogers Rep gave us it last nite Diana. very nice! great music

Jeanette Robson 30 april13 - I have been teaching these dances at Jarrow = four classes a week = all levels A BEAUTIFUL NOISE by Diana Dawson

David Spencer - 01/05/2013 - LD Review - Personally I'm not a tremendous fan of this particular track but the steps flow well and the restarts are simple to spot. After a couple of weeks its one you can get up and just dance without too much thought.

Lois Lightfoot - 30/04/2013 - LD Review - A well put together dance from Diana that fits a treat to this classic Neil Diamond song each section flows well into the next, and it although it has 3 restarts they are always after the chorus so work well with the flow of the dance. Well worth taking a look it’s got a really feel good factor.

Ken Adams, Bishopdale Linedancers New Zealand - My class has just learnt “Beautiful Noise” and wanted to let you know what a great dance it is.We danced it 3 times the first night it was just so popular. We have made it our number 1 dance We are just a small group of 22 dancers here in Christchurch , New Zealand

Comments on Facebook:
Carol Reid 16 APRIL - Love that dance, Diana! Taught it tonight. Thanks Carol
Donald McIntyre - "nice smooth looking dance to a great song"
Elaine Karch: "going down really well in my class and all love the music choice - great job well done."
Lorna O'Brien: "Good dance and fabby music from Neil Diamond :-)"
Lesley Clark 9 April 08:09 - Its a lovely wee dance diana. X
Heather Barton 9 April 06:58 - I like this wee dance and wee sing song x
Ann Brodie 8 April 23:11 - Just love Neil diamond and this is one of my all time fav songs!! Nice one Diana xx
Suzanne Simpson 8 April 22:20 - love this too. faB song and lovely wee dance too !!

Stella Wilson - Hi Diana, I taught your new dance "A Beautiful Noise" tonight at class and it went down really well. I played it 3 times and they were all up on the floor and I even got a clap from them, which is a good sign. 3 apr 13

Eileen -will definitely give it a teach. Best Wishes

Eve Moraghan - Thank you for Dance and music I love it. At all of my classes I have requests for Winners & Losers , My next broken heart and Simply Amazing and now I can add A Beautiful Noise. Once again thank you for all your great Dances.

Ira Weisburd - You Tube - Nice one Diana !! Good Luck with your new dance !! - 31 mar 13

LittleHiawatha You Tube - "Nice dance Diana. Thanks for uploading this videoclip. Kind regards to all of you.- 31 March 2013

Angie Pennington - 31 March 12:41 FB ...Hi Diana hope you are well love this song x x

Hellen Bissett wrote.."love this track, look forward to trying dance. 30 March 2013 email

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