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83. SIMPLY AMAZING [C] - 2012
Improver line dance, Choreographed by Diana Dawson (September 2012)
Choreographed to: Your Love Amazes Me by Andy Childs - Album available on Amazon

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Lindean Class

Amy & Jane

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland
& NI (CMDS) - October 2012

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Facebook Comments - Simply Amazing - October 2012
Elizabeth Henderson LIke it Diana.
Jan Lake - Me too Diana
Brenda Angus 25 October 17:41 - really like it Diana.
Ann Rogers 23 October 15:05 - Lovely wee dance, nice music.xx
Ann Brodie 22 October 16:38 - Hi - Just taught Simply Amazing at our weekend in Oban - enjoyed the dance. Thanks xx

Eve Moraghan wrote "..I did Simply Amazing in my 3 classes this week and everyone loved it. In all classes they asked for it to be repeated. So thank you for a lovely dance and music..." email 18 Oct 2012

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