79. WHISKEY KISSES (partner dance)

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79. WHISKEY KISSES (partner)- [C]
32 count beginner Western Partner Dance Choreographed by Diana Dawson (April 2012)
Choreographed to "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" by Ryan Boshear
This is a re-release of "An Old Suitcase" partner dance to an alternative track - it will work well to many other pieces of music of a similar tempo - ideal for a Country Club and live band!
Thank you to Alan and Sonia for making the video (May 2012)

Published in the magazines pictured below
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Country Music & Dance in Scotland & NI (CMDS)
June 2012

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Paula Lezan - Buffalo, NY, USA -"Your dance was very well received at Club Infinity's last week. It is a very nice dance"... email 6 Aug 2012

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