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77.PERFECT HUSBAND [C] - (2012)
2-wall, 32 counts, beginner line dance choreographed by Diana Dawson (April 2012)
Choreographed to: “Heaven’s Perfect Husband Catalogue” by Change of Key – CD1: Acoustic (110bpm)
40 count intro (with 8 count tag on walls 2 & 4)

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Wednesday Class

Netherlands 1

Netherlands 2

Taught at Theater Concordia, Haastrecht, Netherlands - 22 April 2012

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Anita (Rustydancer) Florida, USA, wrote about PERFECT HUSBAND - 2...I taught 'my movie' as i called it to reflect the music ( hope you don't mind) to all my (4) classes and it was applauded. Music that recalled something from the past, and not difficult for any...." e-mail 9 May 2013

Truus van Rijswijk Netherlands, wrote about PERFECT HUSBAND on Facebook "... I want to let you know that the first dance you learned us in Haastrecht,NL is still in my head. I really love that dance...".- 2 May 2012

Anita (Rustydancer) Florida, USA, wrote "...taught PERFECT HUSBAND to the "movie" music - their preference - and it was well received in my first class this month.." e-mail, 2 May 2012

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