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74. FOR ALL TIME 2012
4-walls, 64 counts, easy intermediate line dance, choreographed by Diana Dawson (2012)
Choreographed to: “I Cry” by Bouke – Album: For The Good Times (also on single) available on iTunes

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Wednesday Class

Alan & Sonia

Published in the magazines pictured below
Country Music & Dance in Scotland & NI (CMDS)
February 2012
BWDA members magazine
April 2012

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Chris Stegen 20Feb22 - My classes (5) love your dance! Why only 2 votes? They ask for it all the time. Sincerely, Line dance teacher from Ogden, Utah.

Maggie Healy (Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom) taught FOR ALL TIME - Linedancer Mag website teaching survey - Sept 2012

World Line Dance Teaching Survey - June 2012 - FOR ALL TIME was taught in California, USA

Thea Weetjens commented on Facebook post video of FOR ALL TIME ".... Mooie muziek en dans" (Beautiful music and dance) - FB 29 June 2012
and Francin Leusink commented "... Mooie..! (beautiful) - FB 10 APril 2012

World Linedance Newsletter - Teaching Survey - April 2012 - FOR ALL TIME was taught in Singapore

Alan & Sonia wrote about FOR ALL TIME... "..we really love the dance and taught it at class, they loved it..." - e-mail 10 April 2012

Elaine Kelso, Linlithgow, wrote about FOR ALL TIME "... I have downloaded the steps for your new dance, the music is wonderful. Am going to teach it to my class tonight. Will let you know how they get on. Just need to get a band to sing it now. See what I can do!!!" - email 3 April 2012

Victoria, Chester, wrote about FOR ALL TIME.." what a lovely dance and a lovely track, I shall teach this tomorrow." - email 1 APril 2012

Marilyn Clapham wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "Wow this is a another lovely dance, we still love Good Year for the roses. I will teach this on Monday it will be a hit with my ladies. Thanks for no tags /restarts they are a nightmare for some!! Have a lovely Easter time. Marilyn x :-) - email 30 March 2012

Mike King Country Roots, wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "Thank you Diana, what a lovely track - will def teach this dance and really hope that it goes well for you. Well done and best wishes as always" - email 29 march 2012

Yvonne wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "Love this track, and dance. Will give it a whirl on Tuesday and let you know how the girls like it. Thanx 4 sending it. xxx" - email 29 March 2012

Ilse Netherlands wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "Wonderful dance Diana. I like it and have put it on my list for my classes." - email 29 March 2012

Tim wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "Thank you Diana for sharing this dance to this wonderful piece of music. I like all Bouke's music, This one will be included in my teaching list. Good job !!" - email 29 March 2012

Alan & Sonia wrote about FOR ALL TIME - "LOVE IT !!!!, we will be videoing it on monday for our website and we will be teaching it at class next tuesday, well done, great dance & lovely music" - email 29 March 2012

Eve Moraghan wrote about FOR ALL TIME -" I love it and will teach it next week at all my classes" - email 29 March 2012

Ira Weisburd USA commented about FOR ALL TIME on YouTube - "...LOVELY, LOVELY DIANA !!!! You? have a BEAUTIFUL DANCE !! Good Luck with it !! Ira .." - 29 March 2012

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