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46. COWBOY MADNESS - [C] Oct 2008
4-wall, 48 count, Easy/Intermediate line dance,
choreographed by Diana Dawson (May 2008).
Music: Mad Cowboy Disease by John Michael Montgomery
CD Time Flies (release date 14 Oct 2008
ALSO on Linedancer CD TANGO CHA available from Linedancer Magazine (On-line Shop - Music)

Published in the following magazines
Country Music & Dance
in Scotland & NI Aug 2008
Linedancer Magazine
October Issue 2008

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Linedancer Magazine Country music charts - COWBOY MADNESS in at No 49 (2% votes) - 28 March 2009

Lorraine Greener of Washington UK taught COWBOY MADNESS - Linedancer teaching survey - Jan 2009

Lana and Tony Wilson taught COWBOY MADNESS at the Cactus Moon, Arizona USA - LDUK e-mail group, Oct 2008

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