20. TREAT ME- News, Views & Reviews
Created 20 September 2016

20. TREAT ME [C] 4-wall line dance, 32 counts, Beginner/Improver level. Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Jan 05)
Choreographed to “Why Do You Treat Me This Way?” by Shakin’ Stevens, 120bpm
CD The Hits of Shakin Stevens (and other albums) 8 count intro, Start on vocals
Music Suggestions: “I Can Help” by Aaron Tipping 122bpm CD: The Nashville Line Dancing Album Vol.2,
“Straight Tequila” by Trini Triggs, 118bpm CD Fever 7
“Bigger Than The Beatles” by Joe Diffie, 121bpm, CD Steppin’ Country 2

Kingshill Weekend, Carlisle, Feb/Mar 2008
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