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4-wall line dance, 64 counts, Intermediate Level, Clockwise direction.
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Jan 05)
Choreographed to “New Shiner Polka” by David Ball (entirely instrumental track), CD Amigo
(Choreographed as 132bpm) VERY Short Intro – only 4 counts…be ready to go…!
Alternative music: “If It Don’t Come Easy” by Tanya Tucker (bpm 140) CD: Awesome 9 (start on vocals)

Published in the magazines pictured below

Contry Music & Dance in Scotland
& N.Ireland - April/May 2005
Up Country Magazine
July 2005

Mentioned in Dispatches
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Kaat & Evelyne - Sons & Daughters of Texas (Belgium) taught New Shiner Polka on 25 March 06 - Linedancer Teaching Survey

Linedancer Postal Vote - New Shiner Polka voted No 10 on someones Top Ten Postal Votes - June 05

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