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4 walls, 64 counts, Improver Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson, Scotland
(March 2023)
Choreographed to: Close To You by Robert Mizzell and Trudi Lalor
Album: Forever Country with Family & Friends


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Stirling Weekend

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CMDS Magazine
May & June 2023 issue

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Lynda Bass 01Apr23 - Thank you Diana I feel my Thursday class will like this one

Jan, Rutland instructor, Kelowna BC Canada -31Mar23 - Great dance, Love the music, Thank you, I have already added it to my list to teach. I have printed the step sheet.

Jean and John Forbes 31mar23 - Thanks Diane, as usual lovely, you are a very gifted lady Every blessing x

Iris White YouTube -Great dance Diana to a lovely tune. I’m sure it’ll do well

Sandy Kelly 30mar23 - Hi Diana, Very nice routine and beautiful music......

Carol Thomas 30mar23 - Thanks for your new dance. Its lovely, really like it. All the best

Sandra Craig 30 Mar23 - Thank you Diana, the video has worked out lovely. Great dance to a lovely country track, wishing you every success with Close to You.

Monty Anglen 30Mar23 - Love it !

Marilyn & Alwyne 30Mar23 - Diana wow the dance , the music is beautiful, will teach next Wednesday , if there is a dry eye in the centre I will send you a photo xx. Much love this Easter time and good luck with the dance.
More than you will ever know and Tipping point are favourites too. Just wished I lived closer so we could all come and dance with you. x

Liz Alcock 30Mar23 - Many many thanks Diana, looks like another good one from you. Thank you so much, we will try it next week.

Kim Aldis Thanks for sending it to me.xx

Marlena Steel Like itxx

Aileen Rose Lovely dance Diana

Marilyn Clapham - Just received thank you so much Diana it is such a meaningful lovely dance . X

Margaret Kirkby - Like it

Ann Dyer Very nice

Elma Robertson Looks good Diana

Sandra Craig Every success with your new dance Close to You, it was well received by our dancers

Jo Myers Thankyou for the script

Brenda Fraser Love it!

Mary Stubbs Really nice Diana my sort of track & dance.

Eve Moraghan Thank you Diana, I like it very much & will teach it next week.

Pat Reilly Very nice!!!

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