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4 walls, 32 counts, Beginner Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson, Scotland
(December 2022)
Choreographed to: Tipping Point by Drake Milligan
Album: Dallas/Fort Worth

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It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
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Mona from Denmark January 5, 2023 - Splendid dance.... thank you.. will teach it this week
Mary Stebbing -Love it! will be teaching it when clàss back
Michael Anthony Greasby - Taught in 3 classes upto press they all like it. M xx same again tonight last class of week
Hugh Higgins - Cracking wee dance and great choice of music. My class starts next week will definitely teach it.
Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn Netherlands - we are dancing it already en they love it !!!
Nel Willemssen Netherlands - nice dance
Robert Lindsay 12/12/22 - Thank you Diana for sending me your new dance and music. I played the track on my Country Show tonight and highlighted your dance too. I really like it and definitely on my teach list.
Jo Myers 11/12/22 FB Already taught ...Great steps & music..!
Audri 11/12/22 - Hi Diana, Thank you once again for a great dance for my beginners, but think that all will enjoy dancing it. Every success with your dance.
Cassey Rowe FB 11/12/22 - Taught it this week and classes love it xx
Roz Crawford Crawford FB 10/12/22 Love it!
Marilyn Clapham FB 10/12/22 - Great dance Diana taught it already lovely music too. Well done look forward to Happy Christmas
Annie Muxoll FB 10/12/22 - I taught it on Thursday
Liz Allcock FB 10/12/22 - Teaching it Monday Tuesday & Thursday this week.xx
Sandra Craig, Edinburgh FB 10/12/22 - I taught your dance Tipping Point on Friday morning and the class really enjoyed it. Another hit.
John Monty 9/12/22 - Thanks for your new dance will be teaching it in the new year.
Karen Hodgin, Dance Instructor (Winnipeg, Canada) - 7/12/22 - I Absolutely love this dance, Diana. Simple, lively and interesting. And I can change the half turn to a quarter turn to keep it as a one wall until the real beginners learn the steps
Alfred Mall Bald-Eagle Linedancer, Germany 7/12/22 -It's a nice dance to upbeat music. I sent the dance to our dance teacher.
Marilyn Clapham 7/12/22 - The dance Tipping Point was great today. So easy to teach and went very well with the class xxx
Mick Greasby 6/12/22 - be a new year dance for a specific class I do in the new year
Pamela Bruce 6/12/22 - Thank you Already on my list.
Marilyn Clapham 6/12/22 - Thank you so much for your lovely dance Tipping Point. Just left a comment, as I was checking on You Tube. Brilliant music. Many thanks, I have a class tomorrow so will teach it then. Great. Love your dances.
Mo McQuarrie 6/12/22 - I'm not teaching anything new at the last classes of the year but will have a look and learn it myself so I'm ready for when we start again
Mary Stubbs 6/12/22 - Really like it, my classes will too
Jan Machan 6/12/22 - Just printed the step sheet. Love it as well as the music. This one will for sure be on my list after the festive season.
Liz Alcock 6/12/22 - Thank you so much Diana,my classes always love your dances. I will teach next week. I love this music
Eve Moraghan 6/12/22 - Thanks you, I love Dance & Music & will teach it next week
Frits Wauben 6/12/22 = Thank you for the beautiful dance and I will teach our ladies this coming Friday because they are always looking for beautiful new dances.
Sheila Martin 6/12/22 - Thanks very much for your new dance. Upbeat beginner dance and I’ll teach it but maybe not till the new year.
Sandra Craig FB 6/12/22 Great wee dance Diana, look forward to teaching it to my classes.
Elaine Karch FB 6/12/22 - Yes. Another great wee dance Diana. Went down well and requested again at break time.
Pam Hart 6/12/22 - Many thanks its a nice one I will teach that in the new year . Wishing you and your dancers a lovely Xmas and a happy new Year

Annemie vd Hurk (The Dancing Boots) 4/12/22 - Thank you Diana. We love your dances and enjoy them very much.

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