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2 walls, 32 counts, Beginner/Improver Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson, Scotland (July 2022)
Choreographed to: Fe Te Se Le Bre by Candy Chase
Album: Texas Moon

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Jean Harris


Published in the magazines pictured below

BWDA magazine
September 2022 issue

CMDS magazine
October 2022 issue

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LouiseG October 5, 2022 (Copperknob review) Cute wee dance, a taste of cajun and a nippy one to get the heart going !! My ladies really liked it.

PJ Paul James 16Aug22 - I had a good class tonight - thank you for playing out. I played the Phoenix Club in Newton Aycliffe a couple of weeks ago and saw a new dance being taught there and decided to do it tonight. Nice little fun dance called Toot Sweet by Diana Dawson. It’s a nice little Cajun dance - just like the good old days and I enjoyed this one! This music is Fe Te Se Le Bre by Candy Chase.

Hugh Higgins 9aug22 - Taught it last night, great wee dance

Liz Allcock Taught it to two classes this week, we love It Diana. Thank you xx

Stichting Countrydansclub The Dancing Boots afd: ROERMOND 08aug22 - Toot Sweet - DANCE OF THE WEEK.!!!

Nicki Stevens 4aug22 - Many thanks once again. This looks like fun! Now I know what I shall be learning over the weekend to teach next week.

Pam Hartley - It's on my list to teach. Nice to have a Cajun style dance again

Christine Thomson - Like this one x

Mary Mcpartland - Love this wee dance x

Ronald Agar -I like it

LDHighlander - Thank you Diane for your choreography. Pleasure to dance.

Gordon Elliot, (Sydney) -Thanks so much for sharing your new dance. Great song and a long time since we had a cajun beat - well done. hope all is well your side of the world. Take care

Gary Parker - Thankyou for your new dance, I will; have a look at it and share it around for you.

Jan Kelowna BC Canada - I have printed out the step sheet, also watched the dance on YouTube, love the dance and the music. Thank you.

Jean Harri - Love it and I have entered it on my TO DO list for the next new dance I teach.

Hugh Higgins Brilliant wee dance. Don't often hear something Cajun. Last dance I remember was Cajun Skip.

Marilyn Clapham Lovely dance, yes Cajun skip comes to mind. Brilliant x

Caroline Thomas Looks a great dance, love the music x

Marion Brechin Like the dance and the music x

Gwen Connolly Great dance xx

Catherine Walsh Fabulous x

Louigi Da Danse Diana Dawson glad I saw this would be a fun teach at my afternoon

Patricia Needham Thankyou Diana, love the Cajun beat, thankyou for sending x

Marilyn Clapham Thanks Diana. Look forward to giving it a try. I am sure it will be another hit for you.

Sandra Craig That’s lovely Diana, look forward to teaching your dance to my classes.

Hugh Higgins 31 July 2022 - Thanks I will practice tomorrow and hopefully teach it tomorrow night.

Joy Ashton Will be teaching it next week hopefully, thank you! Love cajun music!

Louigi Da Danse Diana Dawson glad I saw this would be a fun teach at my afternoon

Donnie Allen I got it. Thank You! I like the music and have added it to my teach list!

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