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4 walls, 32 counts, Improver Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson, Scotland (June 2022)
Choreographed to: Dumb Blonde by Caitlin Cannon
Album: The TrashCannon Album

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Dance Demo

Dance Demo

Dance Demo
Joy Line Dance

Published in the magazines pictured below

CMDS magazine
June 2022 issue

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Barbara Murdoch 4Aug22 - Like this one, I’ve been doing it in Hazels online class

Christine Thomson - Like this one x

Hazel Farquhar It’s a brilliant wee dance Diana xx I love it x

Luna Line Dance - I think it's a great song to enjoy

𝐉𝐨𝐲 π‹π’π§πž 𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 - It's good to enjoy the fun rhythm and composition.

David W Hanley - Great and wonderful dance

coco line dance Very exciting and fun dance.

Jae cappuccino The count is fun

sun mi ko - showing signs of a big hit Very nice The count is fun

Helena Batara - so nice dance my friend

Sandra Craig Another great wee dance, thank you Diana, lovely dance to an upbeat tempo, look forward to teaching your dance at my classes.

Michael Anthony Greasby - Dance was well received will teach tomorrow afternoon as well they will love it also

Marilyn Clapham Its a great dance , good music be teaching it Wednesday. Thank you very much Diana.x

David HonerIts a great dance , good music be teaching it Wednesday. Thank you very much Diana.x

David Honer As promised I taught "Playing Dumb" today. As it is an easy dance only glanced at video once. Should have paid more attention. Wall 3 did first section and then re-started as wall 4. Got it right the second time though. One of my dancers remarked later how easily it fitted another dance we did. So you have a really converted fan there. He was thinking of your dance whilst doing another. I was impressed. overall was a very positive reaction . Thank you for script and sample. Will do well on bands circuit.

Faylene Bradley Thanks Diana .. Love it.

Sandy Kelly Hi Diana, Cute dance and fun music....

John Monty Hi like the look of your dance and the music, will certainly teach it to my ladies.

Paul Hurd Heel grinders line dancing class. Thank you for your latest line dance. I appreciate it and look forward to teaching it to my class.stay safe and well,

Michael Anthony Greasby Thank you Diana will most likely teach it Monday morning

Mary Phelan Diana - Thanks will teach next week at my classes

Pam Hart Many thanks I like this one and so will my Monday class .xx

Eve Moraghan Thank you for dance, I love it.

Ella Finlay FB Great dance

Lyn MckinnonI taught your new dance tonight and will tomorrow night

Liz Allcock Brilliant as usual Diana. Can't wait to teach it next week.xx

Hugh Higgins Great wee dance. Will try at my class....will have a go at my Monday night class.

Roz Crawford FB Love it!

Eve Moraghan FB I really like that one & will teach it very soon

Nancy Phillips Thanks Diana. Been dancing it at class.

Marilyn Clapham FB Looks like so much fun!looking forwarding to you sending it soon. Xx

David Honer Crazy(Hazel F) mentioned your latest dance a couple of days ago saying it wasn't yet published. Have now viewed it and downloaded step sheet. I will teach it at my next class.Either this Saturday or next. Nice tune,lyrics and dance. Hope it does well gor you.

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