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4 walls, 32 counts, Improver Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson, Scotland (February 2022)
Choreographed to: Might As Well by Hudson Moore
Album: Getaway

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Herman Baso

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Alan & Sonia


Youngran Na

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BWDA magazine
March 2022 issue
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April 2022 issue
Cross Country
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Barbara Hignett 18mar22 - Well we are back in swing of classes again after many recaps thankyou for your dance

Might as well looks good and a good track it will be right up there street i plan to do it next week Mike King 16mar22 - Hello Diana, just letting you know, I taught your dance to both my classes on Monday and also this afternoon. Very well received and I hope it goes well for you . Best wishes as always

Herman Baso Indonesia - Thank you so kuch for taking your time and watch our video. It is a lovely choreo Nd we love it.

Lesley Hammond 17Feb22 - Taught this dance last night. My class loved it.

Marion Brechin 16Feb22 - Lovely dance, will be teaching it

Mick Greasby 15feb22 - Taught, it wend down well.

Mick Greasby 14Feb22 - Thanks again well received taught it this morning will do in all classes this week

Sadiah Heggernes 13feb22 - Thanks for sending your new dance. Nice track and easy dance for my improvers. Good Luck with it – hope it does well for you!

Mel Fisher 13feb22 - Teaching it tomorrow night xxx

Sandra Craig -Lovely dance Diana, looking forward to teaching it.

Peter Davenport 12Feb22 - We did your new Choreography today (Might As Well) it's a yes from my class & It's a yes from me too.

Mo MacQuarrie - Looks great & I've learnt it! x

Gordon Elliot Australia - I will look at your dance and teach it in my classes here in Sydney

Jane Wright 11Feb22 - Well done Diana. I'll give it a try at my social tonight

Catherine Walsh - Thank you Diana can't wait to dance it Hope you are well x

Tonnie de Wit, Netherlands - Hoi Sorry about my inglish But yes I’m gonna teach my students your dance’s a lovely dance and lovely music …Thank you for sending me the dance and the music …many countrygreathings Tonnie de Wit …I’m Translated your dans

Margaret Kirkby - Thank you Diana for the script and music, i’ll certainly be having a go, my beginner class have your dance Outside In as one of their favourites.

Mary Bee, Germany - Thank you Diana,I'll teach it next week in my classes!

Mike King - Hello again Diana, Thanks for your email and attachments etc. Just to say, this is my kind of dance & music and i will be teaching it to two of my classes next week.Hope it goes well for you

Jan Machan, Canada - Thank you Diana, I have printed the step sheet, looks good, love the music, I will put in on my list.

Peter Davenport - Love it, will be Teaching this Saturday Morning thank you for the Music & Dance Sheet Diana.

Marion Brechin - Thank you Diana ..liked the Dance and the Track will teach it to my Class next week. Henrico, Holland - Hi Miss Diana, I'm glad to hear from you again. I think it's a beautiful dance and nice music. Already sent the dance sheet with music to a few teachers

Sheila Allen - Thanks for sharing your new dance with me I love the music will look at script very soon Cheers Diana lv Sheila x

Lindys Dance Lines - Thank you so very much. I will teach this soon, since I have the music too. Thanks again.

David Honer - I like it and the music too. Should do well for you . Hope you are keeping well.

Andika Jordan, Switzerland - Thank You for the Information. It is a very nice energetic track and the dance fits it very well. I have tried one wall with the music. It is an easy and fun dance. I habe just made my plan for the next 2-3 months (a lot of CBA dances to recap). But I always need some spontaneous workshop ideas - so I will keep it in my mind.

Debbie Thurlow - I'll have a look at this. Love the track

Sandra Kelly - Thanks Diana for sharing your new routine, for sure will check it out and you take good care... Sandy Kelly

Iris White - It's a really nice dance (which I have tried already lol) and the music is good too. Unfortunately I don't teach anymore but I'll certainly give the stepsheet to the classes I go to. I'm sure it'll be well received, good luck with it

Diane Warden- Thanks Diana, looks good, I’ll defo have a go at this for my classes. Di Eve Moraghan - Thank you for both & I love Dance & Song ,Good luck with it.

Alan Cole - Hi there Diana. Brilliant we are teaching in Cyprus first couple of weeks in march so it couldn't have come at a better time. We will learn it and film it and send you the clip.Love and best wishes Alan and Sonia xx

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