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4 walls, 64 counts, Improver Level Line Dance
Choreographed by Diana Dawson – Scotland (June 2021)
Choreographed to: Witchcraft by Thyra
Album: Nashville Songs & Stories (95bpm)

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Alan & Sonia

LD Highlander

Published in the magazines pictured below

CMDS magazine
October 2021 issue

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
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David Honer 16jul21 - Thank you Diana, If and when the bands restart I am sure it will feature very regularly and be very popular.

Annette Haslund 15jul21 - Just tried it here at home .. great dance. Hope it will go around the world xx

Jan Machan 15jul21 - Thank you Diana. Love your new dance Witchcraft.

Marilyn Clapham 13jul21 - Great dance fabulous music .

Annie Buckman 14jul21 - Nice one

Jo Myers 15jul21 - I will teach it with pleasure

Iris White 15jul21 - Many thanks for sending your latest dance. ... one or two of the girls are thinking about starting a small class for dances to Country music so if it comes off, I'll certainly give them your script & music. Meantime I plan to learn it myself

CJ Britlin 15jul21 - Cracking dance Diane, love it. Xx

Paul Hurd 14jul21 - Thank You for your latest dance Diana,I look forward to giving it a bash when I re-start my class next week..yipeee to a bit of normality..

Catherine Walsh 13jul21 - Thankyou Diana beautiful Dance x

Mick Greasby 13jul21 - Taught at all my classes now Thank you

Nicki Stevens 13jul21 - Thank you so much once again and I look forward to having a go again - at last!

Carol Thomas 13jul21 - Thanks for your new dance. Looks great. Hope to get back to our class soon, its been too long.All the best

Hayley Wheatley 13jul21 - Thanks Diana. Looks great

Liz Allcock 13jul21 - Thank you Diana, looks another good one. I'll try it out at home and teach next week hopefuly xx

Marilyn Clapham 13jul21 - Thank you so much for your lovely dance. All being well we are starting again in Sep. So good to keep in touch. Keep well stay, safe, keep writing great dances.

EvieBritish Columbia - 13jul21 - Thanks for the new dance. Looks like fun and Lord knows we need it. I look forward to teaching this down in Yuma in the winter.

Nancy Phillips 13jul21 - Love it, good music too. Will play it on my TV later and have a go.

Julie Lockton played track on Euroline Show - Linedancer Radio on 25 June 2021 - FB comment "Love the track! Will certainly be printing off the step sheet"

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