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4 wall Improver level line dance 36 counts, (with restarts & tags)
Choreographed by Diana Dawson Scotland February 2021
Choreographed to: Della and The Dealer by Hoyt Axton (3min 23sec)
Albums: A Rusty Old Halo & Where Did The Money Go

Choreographers Note:
There are restarts and 2 tags to make the dance flow with the music!
The easy way to recognise them in good time is to Listen to the song.
When a Wall starts with the Chorus If that Cat Could Talk ... ,
it’s your cue for an upcoming Restart and Tag #1

Have fun and sing along
If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
About Della and the Dealer and the dog as well
But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin word.


Choreographed during the Coronavirus pandemic


Click on the clapperboard to see the video on


Demo & Teach
by Stephie, USA

Demo & Teach
by Mick Greasby

Demo & Teach
(Step in Time)

TAUGHT AT Tucson CM Club, Edinburgh - 1st November 2021
Published in the magazines pictured below

CMDS magazine
April 2021 issue
still in Lockdown

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Lyn Mckinnon 20feb21 - I like your new dance just waiting now to teach it
Nancy Phillips 20feb21 - oh that is so so something to look forward to, can't wait.

Michael Anthony Greasby 20feb21 - we love it Diana just done it again haha, can't stop yeah. Need this in the number 1 spot. Mick

Deborah Farnell 20feb21 - Diana Dawson fantastic dance. Love it

Susan Shorten 20feb21 - Luv it , did it this afternoon great. A big thumbs up from me

Deborah Farnell 20feb21 -Love this dance and the music

Corinne Liken 20feb21 - Taught it on line on Monday

John Monty 19feb21 - thanks for sending your new dance I look forward to teaching once we get back to dancing.

Gwen Connolly 19feb21 - Looks good thanks

Stichting Countrydansclub The Dancing Boots afd: ROERMOND, Holland - 19feb21 - DANCE OF THE WEEK !!!! Della and the Dealer Choreo: Diana Dawson

Emma Greasby 19feb21 - The music is great looked at it yesterday. I have now learnt it from the script. Love it. It'll keep us fit!

Michael Anthony Greasby 19feb21 - (video) Doesn't give the dance justice I couldn't tell the first steps as Diana Dawson has wrote it with heel struts forward not heel touches.

Jackie Barron - 18feb21 - Watched the Video (Stephie) and now I can dance it. I know where the restarts are and also the two tags, I don't need to know which wall I'm at cos the vocals tell me where to restart and the tags come when there's a pause in vocals. I really like it and I hope my Instructor will teach it. I shall nag her until she does.

Frederico Suelter 18feb21 - thank you Diana greetings from Holland

Pat Wheeler 18feb21 - I am having fun with this one

Nancy Phillips 18feb21 - Thanks Diana, have been trying it out

Alice Lannin 18feb21 - Thanks Diana

Mary Phelan 18feb21 - Well done Diana

Sharon Hay 18feb21 - A lovely we dance Diana & the music is great as well xxx

Julie Hunt 18feb21 - Thank you Diana, I've printed the step sheet. I hope it's a big success for you

Joan Utterson 18feb21 - I think my 'gals' will like this one for when there first new class restarts hopefully this year's summer

Marjorie Hall 18feb21 - And a dog named Jake and a cat called Kalamazoo

Nancy Phillips 18feb21 - Thanks Diana, have been trying it out

Gary Clayton 18feb21 -Improvers Della And The Dealer - Diana Dawson - taught

Steve Bisson 17feb21 - Good luck with your new dance Diana, hopefully you will be able to return to your classes sooner rather than later

Lynda Bass 16feb21 - I like the look of this dance. I have a feeling my Thursday morning will like it

Faylene Bradley Australia - 16feb21 - Thanks heaps Diana and keep them coming

Mick Greasby 16feb21 - Been looking at the dance will keep learning it see how we go ok putting it on the group. Like the track especially the cat as we have 3 mogs lol.Will keep you posted

Paula Lezan 16feb21 - What a cute song and dance. Thank you for sharing.

Janny Von Den Liners Germany 15feb21 - Fun demo and teach! All smiles inspite of all the tags and restarts!

Iris White 15feb21 - Thanks for the script Diana. Taught myself it yesterday & now there’s a video, even better

Liz Allcock 15feb21 - Thanks Diana, printed off and will practice so hopefully when classes restart we can do it justice. Many thanks, as always, appreciated very much

Jean Croly 15feb21 - Thank you for sending me your new dance (great track!!). When I saw the number of restarts/tags I thought "aw naw".... however, I had a talk to myself and, because there's not much going on these days, I thought 'here's a wee challenge Jean' so... this is going to be my homework this week!

Julie Hunt 15feb21 - Have just printed it off, thank you Diana

Lyn Mckinnon 15feb21 - I like the music now to learn the dance

Marilyn Clapham 15feb21 - Great hope to get it soon.

Mary Stubbs 15feb21 - Thanks Diana, it looks great.

Caroline Thomas 15feb21 - Nice dance Diana, thank you x

Doreen Anderson 15feb21 - Love the dance love the music well done Diana xx

David Honer 15feb21 - Thank you Diana, for keeping us on your list.I am confident that once (if) we get back to some form of normality you will have another hit on your resume with this one.

Marion Brechin 15feb21 - Thank you Diana ..Hopefully we can all get back to our classes by the summer to start enjoying and teaching our classes again ..Have put this one on my list to teach

Nicki Stevens 15feb21 - Thank you once again, Diana. I look forward to giving this a go just as soon as the housework is out of the way!

Uschi Netherlands - 15feb21 - thank you so much for the new dance.I shall try it later this week and I hope that I can dance with my girls soon.

Cathleen 14feb21 hello again diana.............my friend stephanie has finished the video of your new dance, hope you like it..........i think she did a great job.

Sheila Martin 14feb21 - Thank you for sending your new dance. I like the look of it and I also love 70s music! Iam taking an online class twice a week through ELD from my kitchen and everyone seems to enjoy it - been going nearly a year now. I stick to beginner and improver dances ( some with your name on them !) with only the odd intermediate but keeping good numbers. I do not charge and you are very welcome to join if you are interested at all. I will look forward to seeing Della in the charts! Well done and thanks again

Cathleen Callifornia USA - 14feb21 - i have learned it and love it! (i always did love that song!), and i love the very do-able, but very tight choreography. i forwarded it to a dance friend who loves making dance videos, and she is working on it. i hope everyone likes this dance as much as i do!

Irene Cousin (Speedirene), France 14feb21 - della_and_the_dealer_diana_dawson in FRENCH Thank you very much, Diana, for your new choreography

Pat Wheeler 14feb21 - One of my favorite songs, I know all the words. Thank you.

Jean Harris 14feb21 - Love the music and script. I will give this a go next week and put it on my website.

Sandra Craig 14feb21 - Thank you so much for forwarding your new dance to me, I am so glad to have something else to focus on, and look forward to learning and eventually teaching your dance.

Nancy Phillips 14feb21 - Thanks Diana, excited to have a look and go through.

Jan, Canada BC 14feb21 - Thank you Diana, I will for sure practice and hopefully be able to teach your new dance at class. I just printed the step sheet and filed the music. Its a good one.

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