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Improver Level line dance 48 counts 4 walls (1 restart)
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Lockdown June 2020)
Choreographed to: Long Walk by Brandy Clark (106bpm)
Available from Amazon
("Long Walk" is a kooky kiss-off addressed to those who say mean things and spread rumours.)

Choreographed during the Coronavirus pandemic and although many classes were closed at the time, it was taught on-line on many occasions and again when some classes returned later in the year.


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Mick Greasby
Walk Through

Mick Greasby

Carol Thorpe USA

Pony Chen, Taiwan
Demo & Teach

Aradong Linedance
South Korea

Betty Lee, Canada
Demo & Teach

Yvonne Anderson
Teach & Demo

Yvonne Anderson(2)
Teach & Demo

Step In Line
Teach & Demo

Karen Knight
Teach & Demo

Carol Chang

Teach & Demo

TAUGHT AT: Tucson CM Club, Edinburgh - 4th October 2021
Published in the magazines pictured below

CMDS magazine
September 2020 Lockdown Issue

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
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Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Julie Cole on Facebook 28Jun22 - Just taught Bottom of the Ocean by Diana Dawson, as I wanted something not too fast and a bit different. Love the music and great dance, thank you Diana Dawson.
Midge Mathieson I was way behind teaching this fab dance too, taught it a few weeks ago, love it, really catchy music
Diane Gee Fab dance, I wish more people danced it
Lois Lightfoot Love the dance, been doing it since last October, shame it's not caught on with more classes
Diane Warden Lois Lightfoot one of my favorites, you just got to sing along to it
Louigi Da Danse I love the line - take a centre five with you as a souvenir
Karen Harding Been doing it in Dorset for a few months. Love the track, the words make me giggle x

David Sickles New Port Richey, Florida - 01jan21 - Just wanted to let you know I taught all the dances you mentioned and all were a hit especially Bottom of the Ocean! Great music and choreography. Looking to get back to teaching at some point in 2021. Hope you can bring us more fun upbeat dances!Thanks and Happy New Year

Karan Worgan 31dec20 - Bottom of the Ocean, I love that dance.

Lisa 31dec20 - I had Bottom Of The Ocean on tap for resuming class, but then shut down again. It's ready to go for January.

Diana Illingworth-Cook31dec20 - Happy New Year to you. I did manage to restart my class for a while until lockdown 2 and they absolutely love Bottom of the Ocean.Lets hope we can do loads of happy dancing in 2021

Debbie Thurlow 31dec20 - A very strange year and the dancing has been really missed. We only got back for 4 weeks and then locked down again. I taught Bottom of the Ocean and my dancers liked it

Classy Lassie 02jul20 - Linedancer Review - Love the dance - love the music - cheeky one. Thanks Diana.Can't wait to get back dancing to teach it

Julie Hunt - 19jun20 - Fab dance

Iris White - 19jun20 - I noticed there were several videos of Bottom of the Ocean, Diana. It is very popular & why not, it is a lovely dance to a great Country tune

Sharon Hay 19jun20 - I love the dance & the music is great too Diana well done xx

Mo MacQuarrie 19jun20 - Looks great!

David Honer - 19jun20 - happy birthday Diana.Now if only all of your many fans would take the time to vote for BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN on Copperknob!!!!! What a nice present that would be

Pony Chen 17jun20 - Thank you very much for sharing nice choreography,well done

Janny Von Den Liners 15jun20 - Hi from Germany, practicing your new dance.

Heather Wilson 17jun20 - Really like Bottom of the Ocean

Maurice Rourke 17jun20 - Hi Diana, Just done your new dance with Yvonne and congratulations absolutely love it and great music

Yvonne Anderson 17jun20 - love it...taught it Sunday as well xx
Live Teach 17th June - week 13. - SHARE SHARE SHARE. Adding in a few requests from the radio show this week. (New Teach) Bottom of the Ocean by Diana Dawson - Improver

Diane Gee 17jun20 - My Zoom class really enjoyed it, Thank You

Karan Worgan 16jun20 Hiya. Downloaded sheet and music. Had a try and Ohh yeah. I RATHER LIKE that. That is defo one I shall be teaching --after we have done a few recaps to get us back in our rhythm, when we eventually go back to classes.

Lyntonliner June 14, 2020 - Like this dance to a great country track, Diana. Hope it's not too long before we can all dance together again

Cathleen Bossaller 13jun20 - thank you for sending............it's before 8 am here, and i'm still in my night shirt, but i already tried it out..........nice dance and fun music! as always, good job! i have already shared it with others

Jan Machan - 13jun20 - Thank you so much for your new dance. Unfortunately we are still not back to classes, however for sure as soon as we are I will introduce your dance Bottom Of the Ocean, I love it as well as the music.

Hayley Wheatley 11jun20 - Great if you can keep choreographing to pass the time, it stops us feeling a little lost. I certainly find it strange being a line dance teacher without classes. Hope you're keeping well apart despite needing yo stay home. Played the track again and walked through the steps. It's really great. Shame it will be a while before I can teach it to my classes.

Mike Howarth 10jun20 - Hi Diana. just done your dance Bottom of the Ocean and it cheered us both up no end. Well done and thank you. Mike Route 66 Worthing

Mike King 10jun20 - It's certainly my 'cup of tea' and will definitely be teaching it when we're back with 'normal' classes again. Well done and hope it goes well for you.

USA - 10jun20- LionDancer (video) Thank you for choosing the song "Long Walk" and your wonderful dance!

Hayley Wheatley 10jun20 - What a great track. I'll open my linedancer radio show with it on Friday and hopefully be able to get some more teachers checking it out.

Marilyn Clapham 09jun20 - Great dance , love the music, cant wait to teach it.

Dyan Morton 09jun20 - Thanks for your new dance. It looks easy and I love the music.

Jean Croly 09jun20 - Thank you for sending me your new dance and I look forward to seeing your friend's video on YouTube. These are very strange and worrying times right enough so I hope you are keeping safe and well.

Yvonne Anderson 09jun20 - Like It will do it in either my Wednesday or Sunday Classes….super song, lovely dance Thank you xxx

Lisa 09jun20 - This is the first time I've been excited about a line dance in two months. Thanks, Diana. Happy dancing and stay well,

Liz Allcock 09jun20 - Thanks Diana, got it yesterday and printed it off, will dance it this afternoon.xx

Andrea Clark 9jun20 - Hi thank you dance and track fab, will teach it as soon as classes start up

Aiden Fryer 9jun20 - Thank you for your email Diana hoping to teach this next week

Patricia Cauchi 9jun20 - wow very nice love it

Steve Bisson 9jun20 - we wish you every success with this dance, I feel sure that it will be a great success

Joyce Butchart 09Jun20 - Love it

Marilyn Clapham 09Jun20 - Thanks Diana,great dance and music.xx Caroline Thomas 09jun20 - Really liked the dance and music. Thank you x

Jo Myers 08jun20 - hello and thankyou so much .. i know i will enjoy not only dancing it myself but teaching it on our return to linedancing stay safe and well thanks again jo xx

Mick Greasby 08JUN20 - Learning it this evening,Will have to record it in our living room. Will do 2 videos the walk through.Then the full dance. We love the track well done once again. Mick & Deborah xx

David Honer 08jun20 - thank you Diana, hope it does well for you. will definitely try this out this morning.

Julie Lockton 08jun20 - Thank you for your new dance .Will certainly teach this when we return and will make sure its played on Linedancer Radio.Thank you. Stay safe!

Cassey Rowe 08jun20 - Fab dance. On my teach list for next week

Steve Bisson 08jun20 - fb - Been having a rest from dancing for a while. Spent a little more time in the garden.Four dances today to bring us up to speed - started with a new one from Diana Dawson, "Bottom of the Ocean" (thanks Diana for the step sheet and music - we loved it).....

Mary Phelan FB 8jun20 - I have danced it through and it is great

Lyn Mckinnon 08jun20 - I like your new dance and love the music

Debbie Thurlow 07jun20 - Loving this track. Looking forward to teaching my little virtual class.

Donald McIntyre 07jun20 - Thanks... like the music and still getting up to speed on the steps and I like it already, like the last sixteen steps, tricky but good (classy) once I get the timing.

Mary Phelan 07Jun20 - I have just danced it through that is really good - Mary

David & Mary Honer 07jun20 - Hi Diana, you could send me the new dance if you wished. always ready to look at your dances.Have enjoyed so many in the past and it's something to look forward to for when(if) we get back to normal. regards David & Mary

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