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132. NO MAS CERVESA (No More beer) [C]
Improver/Easy Intermediate Level; 4 Wall Line Dance. 32 counts
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (UK ) January 2020
Music: No Mas Cervesa by John Schneider (102bpm)
CD: No Mas Cervesa. Available from Amazon
#10 count intro start on vocals


Line Dance at Lindean, social night 1st February 2020
Impromptu teach at Tucson CMC Monday 3rd February 2020

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
February/March 2020 issue

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Tim Robinson 14feb20 - Yes my teacher taught it on Wednesday!

Julie Hunt 13feb20 - Fab dance to a great song

Evie Meloche 12feb20 - Thanks so much for the new dance. We are in Yuma, Arizona right now and have just spent a week across the border in Mexico. How appropriate! Looks like a cute dance.

Catherine Walsh 11feb20 - thankyou diana hope you are all keeping well cant wait to try this new dance out x

Gilbert Darton 10feb20 - Hello Diana,Thank you for sending me your latest dance.We line dancers are often accused of not smiling very much, but you can't help it with this one!! Do hope it "catches on", Kind regards, Gilbert.

Pat Webb 10feb20 - One of the best songs I have heard in a long time. Thx so much. I will print the script of tomorrow, it looks fun. Good luck with it. Pat.

Nicki Stevens 09feb20 - Many thanks. That sounds like fun!

Jan 09feb20 - Thank you Diana, appreciated, good dance and fun music.

Liz Allcock 09feb20 - Thanks Diana, another winner I suspect.

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