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Improver Level Line Dance, 34 counts, 4 walls, 1 restart
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (UK) November 2019
Music: Sweethearts by Saturday by Matthew O'Donnell(100bpm) - CD: Crazy for Country, Available from Amazon

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Music Video

Lindean Social

Line Dance Social at Lindean - Tartan & Tinsel - Saturday 30th November 2019

Impromptu teach at Tucson CMC, Edinburgh, Modnay 2nd December 2019

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
December 2019/January 2020
Cross Country magazine
January 2020 issue

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Mel Fisher 08JAN20 - New teach today was Sweethearts by Saturday by Diana Dawson....they loved it xxx

Michael Anthony Greasby 31DEC19 - Its a cracking dance all my dancers love this dance as well as others Diana Dawson has wrote & don't forget to vote for Outside In deserve the Crystal Boot lovely Sincere Genuine Lady lovely dances written for everyone of all levels xx

Liz Allcock 11DEC19 - Diana I taught Sweethearts by Saturday to all three of my classes & they all loved it! Thank you once again & Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas & Happy & Healthy New Year xx

Donna Andrew 08Dec19 - Taught this one last week, class loved it x

Julia Shores 08Dec19 - I really like this one...music is great..it's in the lineup

Debbie Thurlow 08Dec19 - Will definitely look at this in the New Year. Love the music.

Ann Monty 08Dec19 Hi Diana, many thanks for sending me your new dance,like the dance and music will be a teach after the holidays. Wishing you a merry Christmas and good wishes for 2020.x Ann

Liz Allcock 07Dec19 - It's on my list for Monday & Tuesday classes this week!

Sharon Hay 04Dec19 - Lyn taught it at her classes & it went down well the dance & music is great xxx

kountrykickers - December 5, 2019 - Loving this one will be my new year teach

Michael Anthony Greasby 04Dec19 - Taught monday morning do believe i was the first in England as posted Monday morning. We love the dance cracking it is xx Great dance Diana Dawson well written xx

Joseph Mo Lynn 04Dec19 Got that song but now the dance brilliant. X

Michael Anthony Greasby 04Dec19 - Taught Diana Dawsons latest dance Sweethearts by Saturday lovely dance well received. Thanks Di xx

Cassey Rowe 04Dec19 - Thank you for the dance. On my teach list for today and I'm sure my class will love it.

Catherine Walsh 03Dec19 - Lovely dance

Sharon Hay 03Dec19 - Lyn taught it at her classes & it went down well the dance & music is great xxx

Marilyn Clapham 03Dec19 - Lovely dance will be teaching tomorrow

Mary Phelan 03Dec19 - I taught it today and well received

Jan Machan Canada - 02Dec19 - Thank you Diana,I just danced your dance with you on your video, I really think its great, I will print the step sheet and include it in my class for the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Paul Hurd Heelgrnders line dancing - 02Dec19 - Thank you for this latest dance. I look forward to teaching it in the new year.A huge thankyou to you Diana from myself and all my dancers for all the dances over the last 12 months that you have shared with us. you have made all my dancers very happy. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Keep up the good work

Jen Roberts 02Dec19 - Thanks for sending your new dance. Like the music and like the dance. I shall let my line dancing teacher have a look. It was interesting to see the hall at Lindean – hope to see you all there sometime in 2020.Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Liz Allcock 01Dec19 - Diana, thank you for your latest dance and for all those received and loved throughout 2019. Thank you for your generosity and for your Good Wishes for Christmas and 2020.I would like to wish the same for you and yours, Good Health too.Thank you, Liz xx

Lin daDance 01Dec19 - Cute little dance, Diana---as you say--good one to start off the New Year. All the Very Best for the Holidays and Happy new year!

Kathy Lucas 01Dec19 -Thank you for the dance sheet.. I will definitely teach it in the New Year. May I send you and your dancers all good wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a good and prosperous New Year from everyone at Laredo Line in Taunton, Somerset.

Carol Thomas 01Dec19 - Thank you for the dance. Looks really nice. One for our new dances list. All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Beryl Wood 01Dec19 - Thank you for the script. I will definitly being doing it at my classes in the New Year. Enjoy your Christmas Break.

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