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September 2019
Improver Level Line Dance, 32 counts, 4 walls
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (UK) September 2019
Music: Fourteen Gears by Midland (144 bpm) - CD: Let It Roll Available from Amazon

A&J's Country & Line Dance weekend, Southport October 2019 - taught by Margaret Gough

Caroline Cooper's All Day Line Dance Event, Friday 11th October 2019 at Middlesbrough
Had the pleasure of teaching my latest dance "Midland Trucker" at Caroline Cooper's All day Event/Workshops on Friday. Even gave it the nickname of "Yorkie Man" (from a FB post last week - thanks for the idea, you know who you are!). Got a good reception, thank you dancers! Hope you'll check it out to teach/dance

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
October/November 2019
Cross Country magazine
November 2019 issue
BWDA magazine
November 2019 issue

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

‎Linda Davies 3 November 2019 - Hey Diana another good one - Midland Truckers lovely little dance thankyou

Barbara Hignett 08Oct19 - Many thanks for your latest dance Midland Trucker . The class loved Over The Moon and I am sure this new one will be just as well received

Joy Ashton 06 Oct 19 - We also recommend Midland Trucker.....xxx
They (class) have also renamed Midland Trucker.....Yorkie Man....

Michael Anthony Greasby 06Oct19 - Have already taught Midland trucker my classes love it thanks diana keep em coming xx

Brenda Dancer Gilliver 06Oct19 - Nice dance.You pick some good music xx

Margaret Kirkby 06Oct19 - Taught this to my class, went down well, lovely fit to the music.

Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn‎ , Netherlands 04Oct19 -DANCE OF THE WEEK - Midland Trucker

Cliff Hall 27sep19 - FB - Hi all new dances this week Midland Trucker by Diana Dawson....

Dyan Morton 27sep19 - Thanks for sending Midland Trucker. Lots of dances out to music from their latest album. Good dance to good music and I see it's doing well as a result.

Mimi France, 27sep19 - Wouaou nice dance and music. Je vais la faire a mes eleves en octobre (I will do it for my students in October)

Jeni Bradshaw 26sep19 on Linedancer Redio - Spotlight Feature Dances;- 2. Backroad Nation – Diana Dawson – 64/4 Improver – May 2019

Marilyn Clapham 26sep19 - Diana my class loved Midland Trucker, fabulous dance xx Thank you

Lyn McKinnon 25sep19 - Taught Midland Trucker at Tuesday class. Went down well, like the music

Annie Buckman24sep19 - really love it so does the class

Joy Ashton 24sep19 - Went down well at our Monday class yesterday...JOY, www.southernstomp.com

Marilyn 24sep19 - Love the dance....it's fab, keep them coming

Sandra Craig 23sep19 - Thank you Diana, look forward to teaching your new dance with my classes.

Mike King.Hi Diana, many thanks... Well done, lovely dance and will definitely be teaching it. Best wishes as always.

Margaret Kirkby FB 23sep19 - Had a look at this Diana, (thanks for having me on your mailing list) going to put it on my ‘to teach’ programme this Friday, will let you know how it goes.

Terry & Jean 23sep19 - Thank you so much Diana for the new dance We are hoping to teach it tonight. Love the music its a great track. We have not been disappointed with any dances. You have sent us thank you so much.Please keep writing these

Marilyn Clapham 23sep19 - Thank you Diana, great dance , brilliant music. Good luck, sure to be another hit for you

Margaret Kirkby 22Sep19 - Checked out your new dance, love the music, and had a quick walk through on the dance, I will teach at my next class, will let you know how we go. Like it!!!

Margaret Kirkby 22sep19 -Checked out your new dance, love the music, and had a quick walk through on the dance, I will teach at my next class, will let you know how we go. Like it!!!

Sandy Kelly 21sep19 - Routine looks fun and good music

Elma McIlver Clyde Coasters, 21sep19 - Thank you for your latest dance - Midland Trucker. Sounds good and love Midland. Good luck with this little dance

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