128. BACKROAD NATION (That's Us)

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128. BACKROAD NATION (That's Us) [C]
Improver: 4 wall line dance. 64 counts
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (UK) May 2019
Music: Backroad Nation by Lee Kernaghan (127 bpm)
Cd: Background Nation. Available from Amazon
#40 count intro, start on vocals
Popular and rose high in the charts

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PHOENIX COUNTRY SOCIAL CLUB, Bilson, MidLothian - 24th May 2019
Improptu teach at club night

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
June/July 2019 issue
Cross Country magazine
July 2019 issue
BWDA members magazine
July 2019 issue

16th January 2020 - Backroad Nation (That's Us) is No. 1 in Cross Country magazine's Top 10 Dances

Chart Progress - thank you to everyone who has voted

No. 1 Improver 16th May 2020


16 January 2020
Backroad Nation (That's Us) has now reached No 4 in Linedancer Top 50
(and still No 2 in the Improver charts)

30th October 2019
Backroad Nation (That's Us) has now reached No 6 in Linedancer Top 50
(and No 2 in the Improver charts)

05 October 2019
Wowee! Backroad Nation (That's Us) has now reached the dizzy heights of No 8= in Linedancer Top 50
(and No 3 in the Improver charts)

22nd August 2019
Wowee! Backroad Nation (That's Us) has reached the dizzy heights of No 15 in Linedancer Top 50 thank you thank you to all who have voted for it, that is so very much appreciated!


It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Annieee kountrykickers 5aug22 - just to let you know backroad nation thatís us fills the floor this end of the country fills the floor at every social ,and itís danced in class every week at my class .i absolutely love it such a feel good factor dance.

chris Kerry 19feb21 - My two classes really enjoyed your last dance, backroad nation. I always start my classes with a couple of dances the girls will know well enough with no walk through. Then onto the newer ones or a teach, then request time for the next three dances. Without fail they would ask for backroad nation.

Karan Worgan 31dec20 - At my classes Backroad Nation was played every time, and very well liked.

Debbie Thurlow 31dec20 - A very strange year and the dancing has been really missed. We only got back for 4 weeks and then locked down again. Backroad Nation is one of our favourites too.

Nathan Gardiner 19 May 2020 - Loving this dance by Diana Dawson

Applejax Linedancers 3 May 2020 Öthinking So here is Backroad Nation (Thatís Us) by Diana Dawson and Iím using a cover version of the track Backroad Nation by ROB CHILDS. The usual standard of video from me. Enjoy

Mona Leth Denmark - 01 April 2020 - Backroad Nation (That's Us) by Diana Dawson. Imtests.. Yearly dance this year.. cool tune and a dance that just fits. (teach video)
Per Hein A really cool dance

Jeanette Robson 8 March 2020 - Dances on Saturday:-Revised Backroad Nation - Diana Dawson

Shirley & Tony, From Bishop Auckland/Newton Aycliffe 11feb20 - Thanks Diana, Keep them coming. Backroad nation is a great dance goes perfect to the music.

Mo MacQuarrie 29 January 2020 -Thinking of teaching this one next! Choreographed by Diana Dawson & at no 4 in the Linedancer charts.

My Facebook post 16Jan2020 - Wowee! Backroad Nation (That's Us) is No. 1 in Cross Country magazine's Top 10 Dances and More Than You'll Ever Know is No. 4 (Feb issue just out). A very big thank you to CC readers and everyone who has voted, taught and danced them, and bands who play the music too. Keep it Country xxxx.
Facebook comments received
Monica Varnell Your most welcome. A good dance always wins in the end
Alice Lannin Congratulations, well done. Lots of love Alice and Christine xx
Jerry Brownsword Well Done Diana Dawson well deserved x
Hayley Wheatley I love it. It really is one of my current favourites still x
Iris White Thoroughly deserved Diana, love this dance to a great track
Vikki Morris Well done x
Brigitte Strachan Brilliant! Well done! xx
Lisa Bessinger Stevens Well done. All my classes love this dance as do I. It flows so well to a great track. Xx
Doreen Anderson Well done Diana well deserved x
Hazel Pace Well done, floor filler for us, xx
Debbie Thurlow This is a class favourite. Lovely dance
Aileen Rose Wow! Congratulations Diana
Hilary Usher Ace dance, congratulations!
Karen Sturmey I taught this as soon as you released it diane. its a massive floor filler at ours. at every single social, so pleased it done so well for you. its a cracking track
Roz Crawford Crawford Well done!xx
Sylvia Batey Both are great dances Diana, I really like them both....well done

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances February 2020 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) No. 1 in their Top Ten Dances
and included included in the Top 10's of
Hot Stompers, Lincolnshire
Mr P Roberts, Essex
Mrs G Taylor, Staffordshire
Mr P Wilson, West Midlands
Deborah Fox, Warwickshire
Jade Turner, Leicestershire
Mrs B Marshall, Somerset

Sylvia Batey 30DEC19 - I really like this dance Diana, well done.

Annie Buckman 28DEC19 - Love backroad nation ( thatís us ) x

Claire Bell 28dec19 (CBA's) Was hoping it would be nominated xx

Joyce Butchart 28dec19 - Love Backroad Nation x

Yvonne Anderson 28dec19 - (CBA's)...was hoping backroad nation would be in the mix, love the dance xxx

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances January 2020 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) No. 3 in their Top Ten Dances
and included included in the Top 10's of
Mrs J Wilson, Somerset
April Saunders, North Yorkshire
Mrs D Homes, Cheshire
Mrs S Taylor, Devon

Louise G LLDC aka The Pink DJ 02Dec19 -Thanks we are loving Back Road Nation here and the bands are now playing it !!

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances December 2019 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) No. 7 in their Top Ten Dances
and included included in the Top 10's of
Mrs Yvonne Deane, Swansea
Angie Dawson, East Yorkshire

Claire Bell 12Nov19 - Another dance Iíve only just got round to teaching tonight was ďBackroad nationĒ by Diana Dawson and so glad I did, it got a fabulous reception. Great dance to a great track, itís a great dance, We loved it

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances November 2019 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) included in the Top 10's of
Mrs Ivy Johnson, Hereford & Mrs K Wright, Wiltshire

Hayley Wheatley 17/10/2019 - Linedancer Review - I really love the track for this one and Diana's steps fit perfectly with the beat. A favourite of mine already and I tell my class.. "If you've gotta have a restart... why not get it over with straight away on wall 1."

Michael Greasby 07Oct19 - Am teaching Backroad Nation to all my classes this week. Lets hope you hit the top spot cos u deserve. Its hard breaking through but youve cracked it so well done xx

Michael Anthony Greasby 07Oct19 - FB We love Backroad nation down here in Bradford xx
I'm afraid one of our class members thought the chorus was "black dust", so this is what they now ask for....that's us !!!!

Donna Andrew 05Oct19 - Lovely dance, my class are enjoying it, always a request at the socials .... well done x

Loraine Price 05Oct19 - great dance, all my classes love it and sing along

Hayley Wheatley 02Oct19 - Thank you Diana, This is my teach for tonight. Best of luck with it.

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances October 2019 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) included in the Top 10's of
Mrs T Johnson, North Yorkshire & Sandra Roberts, Kent

Cecelia Holroyd 25sep19 - we also dance your Backroad Nation, again a class favourite...

Bente Lasota Denmark - 18th September 2019
Your dance, Backroad Nation, has been chosen for a year's dance here in Denmark. Congratulations.

AJ Dance Sheffield - 15 Sep 2019 - Öat a loose end. Will be teaching Backroad nation by Diana Dawson, nice straight forward dance to a great country track! So if you want a head start on Tuesdays dance you know where I will be!

Martin & Margaret Greenhow - 06Sep19 - Hi Diana, you have just featured on UK Country Radio Linedance show. They played "Backroad Nation (that's us)" saying it was a great new dance, flowed well with some different step combinations & that dancers down South are enjoying it. Live bands playing it too

Dave Inglis now including Backroad Nation (that's us) in his sets list - Sept2019
Brenda Dancer Gilliver 6sep19 - Love this dance

Sarah Greatwood 02sep19 - My class love it already!!A fantastic music track to go with the dance and, with the early restart too!!Well done Hun!!

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances September 2019 Issue
Backroad Nation (That's Us) included in the Top 10's of
Jane Smith, Gloucestershire

No 15 in Top 50 FB comments - 22 August 2019
Kim Aldis It's a great dance xxx
Mel Fisher We love it
Keith Wilson Keep it going, u might get 2 no.1
Caroline Cooper Itís great we love it here at the linedancers of Linthorpe xxx
Janine Susan Meryl Dawson Wooooohooooooooo

Martine Maltby Jones 13aug19 - backroad nation is fab diana and john doherty sang it last wed for us and it went down a storm

Jeanette Robson - 12aug19 - Dances tonight were:-
New one:- Backroad Nation (Thatís Us) to Lee Kernaghan by Diana Dawson.
....enjoyed your dance Diana xx
Karen Sturmey hi Jeanette backroad nation very popular at ours
Jeanette Robson - Karen Sturmey great music and very enjoyable and flow is good.
Karen Sturmey agreed it was the music that first drew my attention being requested at our socials

Lois Lightfoot - 09aug19 - Loving this little dance from Diana Dawson
Sue Smyth Teaching it this Mon coming
Lyn Riley Great dance

Brenda Dancer Gilliver 2 August 2019 -New dance today at Featherstone Methodist hall was Backroad Nation by Diana Dawson. Lovely dance & musicx

Carol Fox 30jul19 - Teach & Recaps - New one this week - Backroad Nation - love it went down very well, they loved it and asked for it again - will teach it a couple more times this week

Donkey Linedance 26JUL19 - New dances LAST Wednesday.... And Backroad Nation was picked up really well, despite being 64 counts (some dancers haven't done many "longer" dances as yet).

Lois Lightfoot 24 July 2019 - This weeks Teaches ...Backroad Nation (That's Us) Diana Dawson - Lee Kernaghan (easy flowing shuffle dance very danceable)

Caroline Cooper - 22 July 2019 - New teach tonight.Backroad Nation by Diana Dawson

Ron Bloye24july2019 ......Marion's been doing to our 3 Imp/Int classes since mid Jun.... and yes they all like it !!!!

Lois Lightfoot 24july2019 - This weeks Teaches ..... Backroad Nation (That's Us) Diana Dawson - Lee Kernaghan (easy flowing shuffle dance very danceable)

Mel Fisher 24july2019 - This will go well....but teachers need to tick it if they're members of Line dance Discussion Group xxx

Mel Fisher 24july2019 - New teach today Backroad Nation by Diana Dawson xxx
Taught Diana Dawson's Backroad Nation today......an instant hit with everyone......love it xxxx
Sheila Martin So many dances on my list but I do like this one ! Well done Diana , your dances always make sense. Does that make sense?
Cecilia Holroyd And ours
Hilary Usher Good music too x
Karen Sturmey 24july2019 - very popular at ours. g8 country tack

Gaye Teather 24jul19 - My classes are loving it. Great dance from Diana
Caroline Cooper 23jul19 - taught it - it went down a treat !
Karen Sturmey 23jul19 - going really well in our classes

Laura Alberico, Line Dance Instructor, Henderson, Nevada (USA) - 23jul19 - Hello Diana,My name is Laura and I teach line dance in Henderson, Nevada (USA). We are about 15 minutes from Las Vegas.Today I will be teaching your line dance called Backroad Nation (That's Us) to my beginner/improver class. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your dance. I like the music and your dance flows very well with it. Makes it easy to remember the steps. I've taught some of your dances in the past and look forward to your new dance scripts. Thank you and much appreciated

Iris White 22july2019 - Love this dance to a great country track. Been doing it for a few weeks now

The Golden Eagles Linedance Club -12 Jul 2019 - Backroad Nation (That's Us) by Diana Dawson taught on Wednesday. Fits the music really well and only one restart- bonus!

Mary Street 05jul19 - Can I say that I teach this dance and my class love it I think that they danced it about four times so we say thank you for the dance and the music.

Kath Butler 05jul19 - We are enjoying it too at Krazy Feet line dancing with Jo. Thanks Diana! Kath xx

Krazy Feet Linedancer review 04jul19 - great dance and music being enjoyed by both my improver classes and intermediate classes keep em coming keep us all dancing together !! TOGETHER IS A GREAT WORD !!

Luke J. Craig Towerfest Country Music Festival. 23 June at 13:15 ∑ Selby ∑ Here are the dances I taught at Towerfest...... Backroad Nation Diana Dawson...

Evie, BC Canada 11jun19 - The gals loved your dance and it went well. I used Alan Jacksonís Living On Love for the slow teach and it worked well. One gal liked it better than the song called for.

Terry & Jean Gibson - 3jun19 - Thank you so much for forwarding your new dance Backroad Nation. We have taught it at one of our classes teaching at others this week. We like the dance and the music as well it went down very well thankyou once again Terry & Jean

David Honer Linedancer Reveiw - 31/05/2019 - great music,Great dance.Was really enthusiastically received at class.Another hit for you Diana. Well done.

Jannetta Bensing30may19 - Great! I have already danced it by myself. I am going to teach it to my improvers, even if they moan about 64 steps!

Eve Moraghan 30may19 - Thank You, I like it & will teach it next week

Mary Phelen 30may19 - Diana - I taught it today and class liked it

Frank Young - 30may19 - Hi Diana.......Its a good song.....I'll see if I can get the backing track and do it at my gigs and promote your dance....

Sheila Martin 30may19 fb - Yes thatís our kind of dance! Well done done Diana x

Sheila Martin 30may19 Hi Diana! Thanks for script and music link and your video.Iíve printed it out and will do your dance in near future!

Cecilia Holroyd 30may19 On my list to do..

Paul Hurd 30may19 - Thank you for sending me your latest dance and video 'Backroad Nation (that's us'). I look forward to giving it a go.Keep up the good work,happy dancing

Laura Wilson 30may19 Looks a good dance , music as well

Maurice Rourke 30may19 - Cracked it this morning

Peter John Davenport - 30 May 2019 - Diana Dawsonīs New Dance Backroad Nation Taught Last Night

Richard Chantry FB 30may19 - Went with Diana Dawson's Backroad Nation last night. Went down really well...it's a nice little dance. I will try it on my Monday class next week... It's a good social dance

David Honer 29may19 - Just thought I would let you know Backroad Nation was really enjoyed by our class last night. Definately given the "thumbs up". Another success to you.

Joy Ashton www.southernstomp.com 28May19 - Just to say I love the track and dance Backroad Nation, will be teaching it this week, thank you!

David Honer 25may19 - Love your new dance. Music is great too.Have already learned it and will teach to my class either this week or next.

Nancy Phillips, Phoenix Country Social Club - 25 May 2019 - A great big thank you too to Diana Dawson for teaching us all her latest new dance, which was amazing. Your new dance is terrific.

MiKe King 24may19 - Thanks....., just my cup of tea ! No class on Monday as bank holiday so plan to teach it the following week. Hope it goes well for you, Well done.

Debbie Thurlow24May19 - Hi. Love this track will definitely add this to my teach list.

Catherine Walsh 23may19 - thank you Diana great choice of music hope it does well for you x

Peter De La Croix 23may19 - Thanks Diana I like the song - will teach this week

Carol Thomas 23may19 - Thanks very much for your lovely new dance. Great music and will look forward to doing with my group very soon.

Elizabeth Allcock23may19 - Diana it looks fabulous(as usual) I will certainly teach it next week after the BH.Thank you so much

Lyn McKinnon 23may19 - I have been looking at your dance I like it a lot and have learnt it.We can dance it on Friday night and will be teaching it at both classes.

Lin daDance 23may19 - Thanks, Diana, I'll check it out in the next few days--I have quite a few dancers in my class that don't like turns much (they do some, but Ö..) --sometimes I can show them an alternative, sometimes, I just don't do the dance--have to see how this one works out. Hope you understand. Great song--hope we can use it.Keep me on your list, please.
Reply - There is a triple threequarter turn in the dance which shouldn't be too much of a problem for those that don't want big turns, (or they can do a coaster quarter turn left instead) and the double turn at the end can be simply replaced with another rocking chair. Hope that helps!

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