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Improver; 4 wall Line Dance; 64 counts
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (UK)January 2019
Music: More Than You'll Ever Know by Travis Tritt(120bpm)
CD: The Restless Kind
#16 count intro

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Linda Kong, LA

LINE DANCE AT LINDEAN, 19th January 2019
TUCSON CMC, EDINBURGH, 21st January 2019
A&J HOLIDAYS, Blackpool, 23 February 2019 - taught by Margaret Gough

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
February/March 2019 issue
Cross Country magazine
March 2019 issue
BWDA members magazine
March 2019 issue

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances - February 2020 issue
More Than You'll Ever Know is No. 4

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Brian and Linda Western Lines - 31dec20 - one dance we really like and think should be danced when we return is " More than your ever know"...just love track and perfectly choreographed. We are still doing in our kitchen!!

Jeanette Robson 8 March 2020 - New for Saturday:- More than Youíll Ever Know to Travis Tritt by Diana Dawson

Krazy Feet - Linedancerweb review 07/Feb/2020 - taught this last night and had great feedback - the music is lovely but slow, the steps are easy and flow very well across the dance floor, its a country music lovers paradise ... I have a couple of dance teachers in this class and they are ready now to teach this - I hope it does well

Western Lines - Linedancerweb review 06/Feb/2020 - Very well liked at our classes, certainly worth teaching. Love the track and another well choreographed dance from Diana.

My Facebook post 16Jan2020 - Wowee! Backroad Nation (That's Us) is No. 1 in Cross Country magazine's Top 10 Dances and More Than You'll Ever Know is No. 4 (Feb issue just out). A very big thank you to CC readers and everyone who has voted, taught and danced them, and bands who play the music too.Keep it Country xxxx
Facebook comments received
Sylvia Batey Both are great dances Diana, I really like them both....well done
Brenda Dancer Gilliver I absolutly love that music. Beautiful dance beautiful music x
Pam Ferguson Just love More Than You'll Ever Know - music and dance. Congratulations xx
Jerry Brownsword More Than You'll Ever Know by Travis Tritt is a brilliant song, never let it be said that Country music fails to send out the right message

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances January 2020 Issue
More Than You'll Ever Know No. 5 in their Top Ten Dances
and included included in the Top 10's of
Janine Williams, Wiltshire
Mr B Collins, Suffolk
Mrs Pam Ford, Cambridge
April Saunders, North Yorkshire
Mrs D Homes, Cheshire
Mrs S Taylor, Devon

Cecelia Holroyd 25sep19 - Hi Diana, just thought I would let you know, I taught your dance today, it was very well received, thank you once again, we also dance your Backroad Nation, again a class favourite...

Cecelia Holroyd 24sep19 - Hi Diana, looking to teach your dance 'More that you'll ever know', hoping to teach it tomorrow, love the music, one of my ladies has brought it to my attention.

Dave Inglis now including More Than You'll Ever Know in his set lists Sept2019:
Alice Lannin Love this dance x
Pam Ferguson One of my favs too

Brenda Dancer Gilliver 04Aug19 - I'll have to do More than you'll ever know.Love the music.

Dave Inglis 30jul19 - has More Than You'll Ever Know added to his play list

Cross Country Magazine Top 10 Dances May 2019 Issue
More Than You'll Ever Know included in the Top 10's of
Mr L Edwards, Derbyshire

Gita Renik 07APR19 - We love this dance and music choice

Pat Reilly 06APR19 - Itís a beautiful dance only made better by the choice of music

Alice Lannin 06APR19 - Love the music and dance. It's my favourite one just now. Thank you Diana x

Gita Renik 28mar19 - Just wanted to let you know that our favourite dance at the moment is, 'More Than You'll Ever Know' ... its a beautiful dance and music.

Lisa Shields-Cooper 22mar19 - Was SO delighted to learn More Than You'll Ever Know. I LOVE it. Travis Tritt is one of my favourites.

Stichting Countrydansclub The Dancing Boots afd: ROERMOND 13 March ∑Onze nieuwe dans maandag 18 maart en Donderdag 21 maart 2019 MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW - translation: Our new dance Monday 18 March and Thursday, March 21, 2019 MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW

Sylvia Batey 9 March 2019 - Lovely dance Diana, nice music

Josephine Dicks - 09mar19 - Lovely dance lovely music will be doing this dance often thanks diana

Linda Castledine-davies - 02/03/2019 - Linedancer review - Such a beautiful track and a great dance that fits it perfectly. Nice full turn at the end for the turners or steps for the non turners. It is the sort of Improver dance that a Beginner can aspire to and no tags or restarts either. Fab.

Josephine Dicks 28feb19 - lovely music and great dances. Did "More than you'll ever know" today, class loved it a few sat out and listened to the music very moving......thanks again

Linda Castledine 28feb18 - Well Diana Dawson what a beautiful dance you have written -More Than You'll Ever Know. Cant wait to teach it this week (so all that I planned has gone out of the window lol

Edward Moore (Youtube) 22feb19 - Crystal Steps Line Dance love your new dance, hope other clubs teach this dance

Kathleen Collier 09feb19 - Love the music , dance looks fab x

Pat Reilly 09feb19 - Love both the music and the dance xx

Jeanette Robson 09feb19 - Itís lovely Diana. Will have a go at the dance on Wednesdays soon.

Paul, Heel griders line dancing 09feb19 - A little email to say what a gem of a dance 'More than you'll ever know' is . Thank you for sending it to me. you have made all my dancers very happy..

Martin & margaret Greenhow 02feb19 - Another great dance Diana

Gary Clayton 28Jan2019 (on FB) The music and dance are outstanding. Give it a go.

Gary Clayton 26jan19 - Taught it Tuesday night and the class loved the dance and the music.

Sandra Craig Another lovely dance to a great track by Travis Tritt

Mick Bennett Lovely Tritt track

Andrea Atkinson 25jan19 did it tuesday very good

Helen Hunter 25jan19 Beautiful music and dance. Miss you all

Sharon Hay 24JAN19 - I learnt your new dance this morning its a lovely dance & great music xx

David Morgan on Linedancer Radio - 23jan19 - "The Oneís You Gotta Watch" included More Than You'll Ever Know

Kathy Lucas 23jan19 - We did your dance this afternoon and it was very much enjoyed. Really liked the music and they picked it up very quickly so hopefully it will be a great success for you. Thank you for sending it to me.

Laura Wilson 22jan19 Great track Diana my favourite country singer !

Mike King www.countryroots.uk 22jan19 - Thanks Diana, what a lovely track and the dance goes so well.Hope it does well for you and I will be teaching it next week to my Improver class on Wednesday.Well done again

Helen Pietroforte 22jan19 - Thank you Diana. Canít wait to teach it.

Liz Allcock 22jan19 - Thanks Diana, didn't print it off last night but will try it out st next weeks' classes.

Mary Phelan, Edinburgh, 22jan19 - I taught it today and everyone loved the dance and the music - I reckon itís a hit

Pam, Cactus line Dance Club22jan19 - many thanks for script it's lovely it will be one I will teach .

Frits Wauben 21jan19 - Beautiful dance on very fine music. I will take him out on Friday.Thank you for sending and many greetings from our ladies.

Jan Machan, Canada 21jan19 - Thank you so much for the dance. I will definitely teach it, love it.

Andrea Clark 21jan19 - ...Looks good, that's next week's teaches sorted

Fran Harper 21jan19 - Thank you Diana, itís lovely

Kathy Lucas21Jan19 -Thanks Diana - lovely track. Will give it a try on Wed with my Improvers and report back.

Pam Ferguson 21jan19 Nice dance, good music - thank you for teaching tonight x

Annemie vd Hurk, Netherlands 21ja19 - Again a super dans for our class.

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