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Improver 4 wall line dance, 32 counts
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (UK) September 2018
Suggested Music: When Iím Out Tonight by Dave Sheriff
CD: Tonight You Made a Memory For Me. Available from Amazon

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Lindean Dance

Linda Kong

Taught at LINDEAN SOCIAL ON 29th September 2018
Impromptu teach atTucscon CMC Edinbugh on 1st October 2018

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
Oct/Nov 2018
Cross Country magazine
November 2018 issue

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Mary Ann Nicolaus, Hayward, California 26Oct18 - I got the step sheet for your newest dance.... Hope Out Tonight is as big a hit!!

Mary Phelan 01oct18 - Thanks Diana I will teach it to my class tomorrow - Mary Phelan

Maurice Rourke Tucson Club, Edinburgh 01Oct18 - Thanks Diana, dancers liked it and are looking forward to doing next now they know how to do it

Sharon Hay 01Oct18 - Lyn taught us it tonight good wee dance xxx

Liz Allcock 01Oct18 -Got to get the music yet. Will try to teach next week.

Paul Hurd 01Oct18 - Thank you for sending your new dance 'Out Tonight' and where to buy the music,. I look forward to teaching it at my classes.

Henry Guest 30sep18 - Another great dance! I have learnt it and will teach it tomorrow and Friday at my classes and will also put it on the teacher poll on Line Dance Radio.

Lyn McKinnnon 30Sep18 - I will be teaching your dance Monday and Tuesday I really like it and I am sure it will go down well with the two classes.

Dave Sheriff 30Sep18 - Dance looks great thanks - have just posted on Facebook
Dave Sheriff FB 30 September at 15:32 ∑Great new dance from Diana Dawson to 'When I'm Out Tonight' track from my latest CD 'Tonight' available from iTunes,Amazon and all major download sites

Liz Alcock 30Sep18 - Thanks for the script Diana. I'll get the music & give it a try, glad there's only the one turn, my ladies don't like turns.

Sheila Martin Aberdeen 30Sep18 - Thanks for your latest dance. I agree itís a great wee number. Hope your new dance goes well.

Lindy's Dance Lines 30Sep18 - Cool. Thank you so much.

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