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Improver: 4 wall Line Dance . 64 counts, Choreographer; Diana Dawson (UK) July 2018
Music: Except For Monday by Lorrie Morgan (168bpm)
Various albums, Available from Amazon & iTunes
#32 count intro

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Lindean Dance

Alan & Sonia

Linda Kong

Taught at LINDEAN SOCIAL ON 28th July 2018

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
Aug/Sept 2018
B.W.D.A Members Magazine
September 2018

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Carol Thomas 23may19 - We've been doing Except Monday, recently and its gone down very well with everyone.

John Sharman 13mar19 - Decided not to chase the latest dances for my teach last night. I chose Diana Dawson's, Except Monday as it's a "no messing" improver dance to a great track by Lorrie Morgan. (try it as a floor split for Down On your Uppers)

Hazel Farquhar 10feb19 - it's a smashing wee dance, and folk ask for it. It fills the floor

Mick, STETSON STOMPER'S - 001dec18 - Just to let you know love the dance love the track & I'm teaching it this week at my Bradford & Leeds classes. Well done lovely dance

Mary Ann Nicolaus, Hayward, California 26Oct18 - All the students really enjoyed Except Monday. It'sbeen a favorite since I taught it.

Vivian, So. California, USA 17 Oct 18 - Just wanted to let you know that I just recently taught your dance Except Monday, which my classes thoroughly enjoyed.I have taught several of your dances and always get a very positive response. You do a good job, just want you to know that your efforts are well received and appreciated.

Nicki Stevens 30Sep18 - "Except Monday" We have been doing and enjoying that dance for a few weeks now and I see other classes in the area are doing it too.

Paul , Heel Grinders line dancing - 01Oct18 - Thought you may be interested to know that.. your dances 'Except Monday' has gone down very well with all my classes.

Sheila martin 30sep18 - Iíve especially enjoyed teaching Except for Mondays which is really popular here in Aberdeen.

Audri Ladies In Line 29Sep18 - We're still enjoying Except Monday and so glad it's doing well for you. Love Audri (Ladies in Line) x

Jim Pearson Shetland - 16Sep18 - Diana Dawson thanks we are doing Except Monday. wir class thinks it's excellent .keep them coming

Harold Starkey 14sep18 - Great dance Diana love it

Audri, Ladies in Line - 11sep18 - Hi Diana, my classes LOVE Except Monday. Music and steps are great to dance to. I wish you all the luck in the world with it.

John Davenport Alicante, Spain - 6 Sep18 - Thank you Diana, recent dances i have taught by you Except Mondays & Half A Song. class loved them. Ta.

Mo MacQuarrie - 5 September 2018 - My wee class fairly whizzed through their dances on Monday evening so Except Monday will be their new one next week! x

Julie Knaggs5sep18 - Luvin this one xx

Elma Robertson = 5 sep18 - Love it x

Liz Allcock 5sep18 - My classes love this and our list of your lovely dances just gets longer

MuriŽl Omlo-Gravemaker 5sep18 - I love it.

Caroline Thomas 5sep18 - Love this, really great dance x

Mairi McFarlane 5sep18 - Been teaching it for two weeks now. Dancers really like it!

Linda Kong 04sep18 - Thank you for reviewing the video and posting it to your dance website. Everyone in the class really appreciated your beautiful choreography.

Mary Ann Nicolaus USA 31aug18 - Thank you for the info for Except Monday. I taught it to my intermediate class & they loved it! Gary Clayton has also taught it here in the San Francisco Bay Area.Hoping to get it on the floor often around here.

Janet Graham - 30aug18 - Hi Thank you for sending me this dance. We did it this week and they loved it even got an applause Ė well done. Jan

Redneck Roy 28aug18 -Thanks Diana for this lovely dance. A country and western artist sang " Except for Mondays" at a recent event and though we enjoyed it we didn't think of a dance to fit it. Now we have one thanks. I will be teaching it this week.

Isabel Miller 28aug18 - Except Monday is doing very well here and much asked for in class. Keep up the good work.

Hilary - 26aug18 - Many thanks Ė nice dance Diana, good for improvers.I have been away but will try and review it over next couple of days (catching up on emails etc)

jeanette Feinberg USA, 23aug18 - My classes really enjoy dancing "Except Monday". Many in the San Francisco Bay area are teaching it!

Jean Croly 18aug18 - Thank you SO much for sending me your new dance.. I am just back at my classes and will DEFINITELY be teaching "Except Monday" - what a great title. Many thanks again - hope you are well....

Sue Linedancerweb review 18/08/2018 - My improver class love this little dance .love the music to..try it

Kathy Lucas - 15aug18 - Hi Diana, I said I would let you have feedback on teaching the above so here goes. I taught it to my Improver class this afternoon and they loved it! They paid you the biggest compliment ever by saying that in their opinion this was a REAL line dance. I know what they are saying as, being a class of mainly older folks, many of whom have been dancing for a long time they remember dancing as it was before all the extraordinary music, funky steps and tags and restarts became fashionable. I do hope it is a great success for you - it deserves to be! Thank you so much for sending it to me. Best wishes Kathy

Dawn Hood- 14aug18 - Thanks for sending this through Diana, liked the dance (and love the music) so taught it the day after you sent it. Reviewed it last week and went down well with the class. Hope it does really well for you. Dawn x

Helen Pietroforte, Vista, Ca.- 13aug18 -Hi Diana, Great dance. Thank you

Ann Montgomery - 12aug18 -hi Diana thanks for sending me your new dance, once again a great dance to a great track ,will be teaching it to my ladies.x ANN

Jan Machan, British Columbia, Canada. - 09aug18 - Hi Diana, Thank you so very much for your latest dance, love it. For sure it will be included on my next CD, can't wait to teach it.

Catherine Walsh - 09aug18 - thankyou diana lovely dance will be teaching it to the class when we start back in a couple of weeks hope you are all keeping well x

Audri - Ladies In Line - 05 aug18 - Hi Diana, Many thanks for new dance, I look forward to teaching it. Good luck with this one also. Thank you again, Audri - Ladies in Line. xx

Ursula Thiele - 03aug18 - Hello Diana,thank you so much for the lovely dance. I like it.

Hazel Farquhar 03aug18 - Taught it last night Diana. Cracking wee dance and tune

Karen Snowball 03aug18 - A song I include in my sets regularly

Elley Jane 03aug18 - Fantastic song too do a dance to x

Stichting Countrydansclub The Dancing Boots 03aug18 - Except Monday - DANCE OF THE WEEK !!!!!

Tim To 03aug18 - Thank you Diana. I will certainly teach your dance. like it

Paul Hurd 03 Aug 18 - Firstly thank you for putting me on your priority mailing list, it is much appreciated.I taught your new dance (Except Monday) to both my classes this week and have to tell you we think it is definitely a winner, both the dance and the excellent choice of music. Thankyou for sending it and we hope it does really well for you.

Faylene Bradley 02Aug18 - Thanks Diana .. Love it !!

Brenda Sutton 01Aug18 - Many thanks Diana, lovely dance and music. Look forward to teaching it next week.

Marion Brechin 01Aug18 - Thanks Diana ..Liked your new dance and I'll be glad to teach it at my Tuesday Class x

Nikki Stevens 01Aug18 - Thank you so much for sending me your new dance! It looks like just the job for my Improvers.I think I'm going to enjoy being on your priority list for new dances!

Frits Wauben 01Aug18 - Thanks for this nice dance.We will learn it next Friday.

Paula Lezan 01Aug18 - That is very nice Excellent bar-room Dance.I think my Thursday dancers will enjoy.

Barbara Hignet 01Aug18 - Thank you for the step sheet etc for Except Mondays .I am going to teach this tonight I think they will really like it. Nice music nice dance and not to many turns

Carol Thomas 01Aug18 - Thanks for the new dance. Its great, really like it a lot.

Wyn & Merv 01Aug18 - Great track, and dance, will teach it to classes, take care,

Lynda 01Aug18 - Hello Diana, thank you for sending over your new dance. It looks nice, and it would be nice to teach it to my classes.

Amy Lefeber 01Aug18 - Thanks for sending this nice dance and lovely music. Iím gonna teach this dance next week.

Kathy Lucas 01Aug18 -thanks for the new dance. Love the music and will definitely teach it and report back.

lindys dance lines Thank you so very much. This is quite cute and will appeal to my improver students.

Jean Croly01Aug18 - Thank you Diana - I have printed off the step sheet and watched the video - looks a good wee dance.

Rosalind Mckinnon 01Aug18 - I like your new dance very much I have taught it in my two classes and was received very well looking forward to dancing it at socials.

Alan & Sonia 01Aug18 -Hi there Diana, love the dance, will film it on our next session, we have seen an old line dance from years ago called weekdays but not never filmed it, we will do your version

Bert Oppers 01Aug18 Itís a very nice dance, we will teach this dance after the summer holidays.

LYNDA BASS 01Aug18 - Thank you Diana, I like the look of that dance. Looks like fun

Sheila Martin 01Aug18 - Thanks for sending me your new dance. That's right up my street. I'm away in hols for a couple of weeks but could be a flyer in my classes!

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