Updated 30 January 2021



Beginner Line Dance, 32 counts, 4 walls
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (January 2018)
Music: Outside Looking In by Lane Turner (142bpm) CD: Right On Time
Unfortunately this track is no longer available on Amazon or iTunes (it was when I wrote the dance!!!!)
Please contact me direct for a copy
# Intro 32 counts after the heavy drumbeats, start on vocals

Slower track for teaching:: There Goes by Alan Jackson (114bpm)
CD: Greatest Hits Vol 2, available on Itunes & Amazon
# Intro 32 counts, start on vocals

Click on the clapperboard to see the video on

Dance night

Rafel Corbi,Catalonia
teach - March 2020


Rafel Corbi,demo
March 2020

van der Hurk

April 2020

Indo Dream

Mick Greasby
(teach & demo)


I have had a tremendous response to my Beginer dance "Outside In" but, of course, the song "Outside Looking In"
by Lane Turner cannot be found! It would appear that Lane Turner is no longer a solo recording artist,
having joined country band WESTERN UNDERGROUND some time ago. They were Chris LeDoux's fulltime touring band
for 16 years until his death in 2005 and still carry on with one new addition to the band. A long time friend, and
frequent opening act for Chris and the band, Lane brings his own energy into the mix and adds some great songs. ...."
Perhaps this explains why his recording of "Outside Looking In" is no longer available on Amazon and Itunes etc.
Don't despair, get in touch with me directly if you plan teaching my dance!

TAUGHT AT; Lindean Dance Night 27th January 2018

CRYSTAL BOOT AWARDS 2019 & 2020 & again for 2021 (Dec2020)

OUTSIDE IN has been nominated in the "Absolute Beginner Dance" category
for the CRYSTAL BOOT AWARDS in both 2019 and 2020 AND AGAIN FOR 2021
This is all due to the many votes every month keeping it high in Linedancer charts,
and although it hasn't won, simply being nominated has made my day!

A big thank you to all who have continued to vote for my dance throughout this difficult year
and my sincere appreciation to everyone who has taught, danced and enjoyed it

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
February 2018
Cross Country magazine
April 2018
BWDA magazine
April 2018

BWDA Members Magazine
March 2018
CHART PROGRESS No 1 Linedancer AB Chart May 2020

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Jean Croly 01Jan21 -I wish you every success with "Outside In" - a wee dance I will definitely be doing when my classes re-start.

Jan canada - 01jan21 - I have already voted for your AB Dance, my ladies will love it. Hopefully we will be back dancing soon.

Karan Worga 31dec20 - I have voted for “Outside”. Good luck.

Paula Lezan 31dec20 - I’m crossing my fingers for mid February opening. Of course I am a dreamer. I still love outside in. Wishing you the best in the new year.

Tina ARGYLE 31dec20 - Congrats on your nominations Diana xxx

Facebook 29 December 2020 - comments received following nomination for Crystal Boot Awards 2021 . Thank you all for your good wishes and votes througout the year
Alma Baxter Well done Diana & good luck too. Hope you & Eric are well xx
Maurice Rourke Good luck x
Kathleen Collier Brilliant Diana, fingers crossed xx
Claire Bell Congratulations good luck
Lyn Mckinnon Good luck
Janny Von Den Liners Outside In gets AB dance of the decade from me!
Christina Yang Huge Congratulations, Diana Dawson. Very well deserved it
Sylvia Batey Brilliant Diana,?? good luck
Elma Robertson Great dance. Fingers crossed well done.
Ann Brodie Well done xx
Margaret Harrison Congratulations xx
Yvonne Anderson congratulations x
Aileen Rose Good luck Diana xx
Caroline Cooper Congratulations
Martin & Margaret Greenhow fingers crossed
Michelle Risley Congratulations
Julie Hunt Congratulations, great dance. I am looking forward to teaching it to my beginners. Good luck
Caroline Thomas That's brilliant news. Good luck xx
Willie Brown Congratulations
Michael Anthony Greasby Congratulations Diana Dawson you deserve it so well done. M&D
Tina Argyle Congratulations Diane xx
Hayley Wheatley Great news Diana. Congratulations
Eve Moraghan I love that dance, well done
Andrina K Faulds Congrats xx
Carolyn Stanbury Congratulations X
Valerie A Wilson Good luck x
Iris White Well deserved. Great wee dance, Diana
Sheena Galloway Well done Diana xx
Ann Dobie Well done x
Harry Ireland Good luck Diana and keep safe xxx
Heidi Watson Lots of luck!
Pat Reilly That’s great xx
Dianne Evans Congratulations x
Richard Chantry Well done Diana. Happy new year
Wilma Knox Congratulations
Pia Bruno Congratulations
Charles Law Congratulations
Repghaz Meaney Congratulations x
Marion Brechin Congratulations x

Caroline Cooper 8 May 2020 - I must congratulate the three ladies who’s dances are currently number one in the absolute beginner level line dance charts. My good friend Julie Snailham, my mam Sheila Allen and a lovely lady who I’ve known for along time and worked with in the past Diana Dawson. Well done ladies. I’m thrilled for you all xxx

Ann Smith 19feb20 -I just thought I would let you know the classes all love your dance. Thanks again

Facebook comments received following nomination for CBA 27Dec2019
Jenifer Wolf Canada - Great, you deserve it
Catherine Walsh Well Done Diana Good Luck x
Valerie A Wilson - Congratulations Diana, fingers crossed for you xx
Christina Yang Congratulations to you, Diana Dawson. Well deserved
Yvonne Anderson - Congratulations....was hoping backroad nation would be in the mix, love the dance xxx
Joyce Butchart love Back Road Nation and Outside In is a great wee beginner. I do it to the slow music ...There Goes ...Alan Jackson as my classes love the song X
Deborah Farnell Well done Diana xx
Linda Davies It's a great dance x
Michael Anthony Greasby Had 2 friends win this Diana Lowery & Margaret Swift & Hopefully my 3rd Friend Deserves recognition from all of us Teachers & Dancers Keep up the great choreography. My passion my life like many millions of others good luck Di xx
Darren Mitchell Congratulations Diana x
Caroline Cooper We love it on a Thursday well done xxx
Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn Holland - congrats we dance it too
Sandra Craig Well done Diana, my classes love this dance.
Alice Lannin Congratulations Diana, well done x
Harry Ireland Well done diana. Xxx
Sylvia Batey Well done Dianna.
Elma Robertson Great dance Congratulations x
Margaret Dunn Well done xx
Hayley Wheatley Congratulations Diana. A great dance and we still enjoy it to "Romeo Tonight" x
Aileen Rose Well done Diana xx
Julie Snailham Congratulations you get my vote and Steves xx
Debbie Morgan Congratulations
Lois Jordan Congratulations. We love this dance
Lyn Mckinnon Well done
Ann Dobie Well done sweetheart x
Nancy Phillips Fantastic dance, love it.
Patricia Stott Well done Diana, congratulations xxx Good luck
Greta Bester Congratulations!

Hayley Wheatley 15Oct19 - I also thought it was worth mentioning that I have Paul Bailey coming for Christmas and a lot of my dancers love the track Romeo Tonight but find the dance a little too fiddly for them. So as a floor split we are dancing "Outside In" to it. It fits great and has a little slower feel to it that the original. Ill spread the word to anyone else who may be seeing Paul in the near future

Hayley Wheatley 3 July 2019 -I taught Outside In by Diana Dawson (tho We've been doing this one in other classes for a long while now)

Lornas Jazzboxes Glasgow -15Mar19 Friday’s New Teach Beginner/Improvers - Lovely wee dance by Diana Dawson, very well received

Janet Young 15mar19 - Great wee dance love it Xxx

Alice Lannin 15mar19 - We dance this a lot. Very popular

Ann Brodie, No Angels, 10mar19 - ....the first of our two Troon easy dancing weekends .... Dances taught were (included) Outside In by Diana Dawson,..... All dances were well liked and danced loads of times over the weekend.

Catherine Walsh 27jan19 - Danced it tonight Diana love it x

Nancy Phillips(re CBAs) That is a real shame, I think you really deserve an award. You have so many terrific dances that many people enjoy doing.

Liz Allcock 27jan19 - Sorry you didn't win, it's a brilliant dance.xx Helen Pietroforte 27jan19 - My class loves that Dance Please keep sending your dances to me.

Mary Stanley-Shepherd 26jan19 - I am a Line Dance Instructor in Christchurch NZ and we are about to start up classes again after our Christmas New Year break. I will be starting 4 new classes and am always looking for easy dances to start my new ones off on. I like the look of your Outside In. I will use it to teach the Rumba Box I am sure the dancers will love it.

Cathy Paris California, 22jan19 - Congratulations, I understand your Dance has been nominated for the Crystal Boot Awards.

Marilyn Clapham - 22jan19 - Good luck will be your year this year. Great news about Crystal Boot Awards too.

Janetta Bensing22jan19 - Outside In by Diana Dawson is one of my beginners' favorite first dances! But they always want the slow track... what should he be fishing for? "blue marlin!" ( inside joke )

Comments received since nomination for CBA:(January 2019)
Liz Allcock We love Outside In Diana, but we love Out Tonight too! Thanks for all your dances.xx
Caroline Cooper we love this dance, best of luck diana
Catherine Walsh Fabulous dance outside in
Hazel Pace Good luck Diana, we dance it at every class,x
Chris Cleevely Well done Diana x
Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn we dance it also all the time.
Dianne Evans Congratulations you are already a winner as are all the nominees xx - Peter Metelnick So very true.
Helen Pietroforte My class love your Dance Outside In

Carol Fox 4jan19 - Nice catchy track will teach it next week

Henry Guest 30dec18 - Congratulations and great to see Outside in getting a nomination. Hope it wins my beginners love it!

Stephen McKenna 29dec18 - Crystal Boot Award Nominations are as follows;- MY VOTE ...
Absolute Beginner Dance Of The Year - Outside In - Diana Dawson
Reason... This is my Father in law favourite dance since he started back dancing after 8 years.... Good luck

Facebook comments received following nomination for CBA 28Dec18
Nancy Phillips Well deserved. Congratulations
Hayley Wheatley Congratulations Diana. I'm so pleased for you xx
Lois Jordan Great!! Great dance. Hope you win
Michelle Risley Congratulations xxx
Kathleen Collier Magic , fingers crossed xx
Caroline Thomas That's brilliant, good luck x
Cassey Rowe Congratulations a cracking little dance
Caroline Cooper we love this dance here at the Line Dancers of Linthorpe very best of luck
Aileen Rose Wow congratulations ! Xx
Janine Susan Meryl Dawson Wonderful news xxxxx
Dave Sheriff Congrats Diana well deserved x
Julie Lockton Congratulations! X
Diane Gee Congratulations brilliant dance.
Heather Barton My class love it congratulations xx
Ann Dobie Congratulations sweetheart well done x
Pamela Bruce Congratulations my class really like this one x x
Paula Lezan We love it Diana. Congratulations
Karen Kennedy Congratulations Diana
Elaine Kelso Congratulations so well deserved xxx
Violet Collins Congrats x
Willie Brown Congratulations
Pat Reilly Congratulations hope you're successful
Marilyn Clapham Wow who says hard work doesn't pay. Well deserved Diana. Sure to be a winner good dance.
Sharon Hay Congratulations & good luck well deserved xx
Pam Ferguson Congratulations brilliant x
Stephen Gell Congratulations Dance already taught..
Claudia Finkemeier Congrats
Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn congratulations
Iris White Congratulations Diana, we’ll deserved xx
Valerie Reeves I well done sweetie xx
Joyce Butchart Great wee dance xx

Gary Lafferty 8dec18 - Just learnt Outside In ‘on the floor’ at Margaret Harrison’s Christmas Party ... and by the end of that song we were doing it as a partner dance. Great wee dance, will be teaching it in January when I start doing new dances again
Margaret Harrison He had a great teacher Diana it’s a fab dance my classes love it

Joyce Butchart? 8dec18 (short video on FB) - Hi Diana. My Beginners in Ardrossan dancing Outside In (Alan Jackson track - slow)

Valerie A Wilson 08dec18 - We did this one on Wednesday

Margaret Kirkby 08dec18 - Outside in still going well with my new beginner class

Line Dance with Pam - Guernsey 24 November 2018 - Very enjoyable classes on Wednesday morning. New teach for the beginners 'Outside in' by Diana Dawson which was well received and was danced twice. This looks like being a popular addition for the class. A really nice track and the dance fits so well to the music.

Marilyn Clapham - 23Oct18 - Wow your dance Inside Out , just returning after some time out, going to be a big hit for you. Fabulous.

Cross Country Magazine Top Ten Dances October 2018 issue OUTSIDE IN is included in the Top 10's of:-
Mrs S Williams, Wrexham

Paul , Heel Grinders line dancing, 30Sep18 - Thought you may be interested to know that.. your dance 'Outside In' has gone down very well with all my classes.

Pamela Hartley 29Sep18 - Many thanks I love the music and the little dance I will teach it xx

Jenny 19Sep18 - That's brilliant Diana thank you I will be teaching it.Thank you so much

Diane Gee 18Sep18 - Thank so much, I’m sure my class will enjoy it. Happy Dancing

David Sickles-10sep18 - Actually this is perfect as I am starting new classes this week and now I can teach your dance!

Julie Cole 4sep18 - Taught it at Great Western Motorhome Exhibition at Malvern last week and it went down really well, thank you x

Iris White 4sep18 - Taught it to my Tuesday class, they all enjoyed it

Cross Country Magazine Top Ten Dances September 2018 issue OUTSIDE IN is included in the Top 10's of:-
Maurice Rourke, Edinburgh

Helen Pietroforte, Vista, Ca. - 13aug18 -Hi Diana, I just stared a NEW BEGINNER CLASS I taught your dance (Outside in ) class Loved it.Please if you have any easy beginning dances like that one mail me the Step sheet. I want to teach them. Thank you for all your help.

Audri - Ladies In Line - 05 aug18 - My new class of beginners are loving "Outside In" tho' can't remember if it's "Inside Out", but they're getting the hang of both title and steps and loving all.

Terry Gibson 02Aug18 - Awesome, thanks! Taught it last night we loved the dance

Cross Country Magazine Top Ten Dances July 2018 issue OUTSIDE IN is included in the Top 10's of:-
Alison Fisher, Worcestershire
Mr Rod Green, Cornwall
Mrs H Lockwood, Dorset

Facebook comments on "live" video of Outside In at Lindean dance night 16th June 2018:
Heather Barton - My class love this wee dance done every week xx
Catherine Walsh - Love this dance Diana x
Annemie van den Hurk-Salentijn - we dance this tooo !!!!!
Roz Crawford Crawford - Brilliant wee dance!xx
Mo MacQuarrie - My class loves this! x

Linda Davis 09jun18 - Thank you so much Diana look forward to teaching it this week

Julie Cole 07jun18 - thank you so much. I teach a lot of your dances as I do mainly country and try to stick to what good bands play. I've been teaching 21 years and still love it thanks to people like you writing lovely dances to great music.

Cross Country Magazine Top Ten Dances June 2018 issue OUTSIDE IN is included in the Top 10's of:-
Mrs C Cooper, Bedfordshire

Lara Youdell-Gallman 04jun18 - Hi Diana, thanks so much. Got it in time so my class will get to enjoy this tonight. It’s a shame the song isn’t available anymore as I think your dance is great and a great way to get beginners used to a rhumba box.

Lyn Taplin, Dorset 30may18 - Thank you so much Diana. Look forward to teaching it now! its a lovely dance, and nice music.

David Griffiths 28 May18 - After receiving the track from you, I taught the dance to both my classes last week, I used the slower track to teach and then the Outside In afterwards, which they enjoyed more. Thank you very much.

Jeanette Robson 28may18 - Taught....Outside In by Diana Dawson to Lane Turner- lovely little dance to great music.

Jean Webb, Blackpool, 27 May18 - Popular little dance here loved by my beginners

Stephen Bartholomew 27 May18 - Taught it some weeks back, a nice little dance to good music. x

Nancy Phillips 27 May18 = It is a great dance and bro g danced a lot. Love it.

Catherine Walsh 27 May18 - Great dance Diana taught it my self class love it x

Charlotte Nagy, Nevana, 25may18 - Outside In is a great beginner dance. This is a cute little beginner line dance and I will pass it along to our instructor at Heritage Park Senior Center in Henderson, Nevada. It was first taught to me at the Multigenerational Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Diana Illingworth 23may18 - Can you please send me a copu of Outside Looking In by Lane Turner. I don't teach a class as such but I do run a practice night for the dance me and my mates do the class we go to. We need to practice Outside In and dance it loads cos we love it. What a shame you can't buy it online anymore. Many thanks

Mindy Mills 23may18. I have a class in upstate NY. I recently went to a workshop in Pa. and learned your dance Outside In which we love

Stephen Gell 19 May 18 - Hi Diana just taught the dance to the class seemed have gone over well with them.

Sue Hughes 18may18 - Thank you Diana, I have just started a new beginner class and they love your dance to both songs

Brian and Linda, Western Lines - 14may18 - Re weekend in Torquay.. your dance was requested several times so we played it, did not need to teach it as almost everyone knew it ! Those few that did not picked it up on the run....so good news for you !

Lois Jordan 14 May 18 -Love the dance. I couldn’t get the track... but love Alan Jackson which is the other song you listed. We are enjoying it to that. Great dance

Roz Harris 01may18 - Hoping to teach in this Thursday as have a new AB class starting.

Janet Graham - 01may18 - Hoping to teach in this Thursday as have a new AB class starting.

Fred Sulter Netherlands 29apr18 THANK YOU DIANA. YOU'RE DANCE *OUTSIDE IN * becomes also a hit in HOLLAND, greetings from HOLLAND FredS

Catherine Walsh 29apr18 - Lovely dance and music

Ann Gibbs Seymour 29apr18 My classes love Outside In.

Dawn Morgan 29apr18 - Outside In has gone really well and has been suggested for an audience teach on Bank Holiday Monday at the demo we are doing in one our local villages, the classes have really enjoyed the dance. Thanks again, Love Dawn x

Angie Pennington 29apr18 - Great song love the dance

Stephen Bartholomew 29apr18 - Taught it last week, great little dance to fab music.

Lois Jordan 29apr18 - Love this dance. We do it to the Alan Jackson track

Corinne Liken 29apr18 - Taught it tonight xx

Nicola-Jayne Bowen 29apr18 - I taught this in a local festival yesterday

Kathleen Collier 29apr18 - Nice wee dance with a great track x

Caroline Thomas 29apr18 - Really nice dance and song. Like it a lot x

Dawn Morgan - 26/04/2018 - Taught this to 2 of our classes today, cracking little dance and a great country track to dance to, nothing difficult, our Beginners loved it, thanks Diana, good job.

Janet Graham 19apr18 - "Outside In" - Did the dance yesterday and they really liked it, will become a favourite. They are an older group and no tags, restarts and only a quarter turn is brilliant. Keep these easy dances coming.

Dawn Hood 17apr18 - Outside In. I love the dance and will be teaching it to my high-end beginners, think they will love it too and definitely enjoy the music.

Cross Country Magazine Outside In at No 10 in their Top Ten dances - May issue 2018
Also included in Readers Top Ten's
Alison James, Lacashire; Amy Law, West Sussex; Ms M Cooper, Northamptonshire

Linedancerweb April 2018 - Outside In reached No2 in their Absolute Beginners Top 50 chart and No 41 in the Main Top 50 Chart

Brenda Sutton 04Apr18 - Lovely class last night. (taught) Outside in by Diana Dawson ... went really well for the beginners

Wyn & Merv Groombridge 03apr18 - been looking to teach your dance Outside In, looks great, sounds grea. Will look forward to teaching it soon here in Cornwall, we have some 80 dancers in our classes. We do enjoy your dance`s, keep up the good work

Stephen McKenna -19 March 2018 - Monday night dances...Outside in new Diana Dawson

Lois Lightfoot - 19 March 2018 - Last weeks teaches....Outside In, Diana Dawson (Outside Looking In, Lane Turner)

Ann, Shepshed - 15mar18 - Thank you, on my list to teach next week.Happy dancing.

Chris Johnston 14Mar18 - I’ve only started line dancing 18 months ago and love it. I go to Liz’s class in Sandbach, Cheshire and we have just learnt Outside in which I think is brilliant.

Lois Lightfoot 08mar18 - taught Outside in - Diana Dawson (Outside Looking In Lane Turner) if your looking for a very easy beginner this one is great

Janetta Bensing 08Mar18 - I am teaching Diana Dawson's Outside In to all my beginner groups and also the seniors like it, especially to the slower track by Alan Jackson.I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Jane Eminson 05mar18 - HUGE thanks. I will be teaching this on Wednesday and look forward to receiving the scripts for your new dances as you release them.

Cassey Rowe 4 Mar 2018 · · Class also liking this little dance too.

Best wishes Iris White - 28Feb2018 - Unfortunately my 2 absolute beginners didn't show, so taught the slow version first & then the faster one. Both went down well, it's a great wee dance

Iris White East Lothian - 27feb18 -New dance for today's class. Doing it to the slower Alan Jackson track as I've got 2 new absolute beginners. Great dance Diana

Liz Allcock 27feb18 - So much better in my opinion to the other track, my classes love it.

Bernadette Gill -Orange County, NY, USA -27feb18 - Have taught this dance a couple of times already. Has been very well received by dancers in this area.

Linda Kong KwanLinda - video on youTube 25Feb18 - Glad that you like the video and post it on your website. It's my pleasure to filming the dance. My students and I are very appreciated your nice choreography and thanks for sharing with us.

Henry Guest 21feb18 - I was looking for a nice beginner dance, and came across “outside in” it was just perfect, and fitted the track perfectly.

Stichting Countrydansclub, The Dancing Boots 18feb18 - Een nieuw leuk dansje voor onze beginners..Lekker muziekje ! - A new fun dance for our beginners.. Nice music!

Janny Von Den Liners - Germany 18 February 2018 - I had a wonderful beginner's social with 26 dancers. Taught Outside In to the slow music first and danced to the faster song, everybody enjoyed it a lot.

Eileen Scattergood 18feb18 - Thank you Diana, I have taught your dance Outside In and has gone down very well.

Janny Von Den Liners - Germany - 18Feb18 - Just taught my newbies Outside In by Diana Dawson


Janny Von Den Liners, Hamburg, Germany - 10Feb18 - I just taught Diana Dawson's Outside In.A slow song to practice and original song when they are sure of the steps.Fantastic AB dance.

Morton Mcburnie 05feb18 - Great wee dance, well done.

Nancy Phillips05feb18 - That is great. Terrific wee dance.

Joy Ashton - 05Feb18 - Just taught it this morning to my beginners, all liked it especially the music, xxxx

Bernadette Gill 03feb18 - Diana, the dance went over very well last night! A couple of instructors who were there are looking to teach it, also!

Helen Pietroforte 03feb18 - Good work Diane!

Copperknob No 46 in viewing chart 03feb18

Paula Lezan, North Java, NY, USA, 01feb18 - Very Nice Little Dance. I have been planning a new beginner class for this spring.Will fit in nicely.Thank you,

Julia Shores 1 Feb2018 - I like this! The dance and the music, will be teaching this soon

Lyn Wilson, Ontario Canada - 29jan18 -Have a beginner class ...will use it on Wednesday. Thank you your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Janetta Bensing, 29jan18 - Thank you very much. I am going to teach it at the beginning of the next semester.

Fritz Wauben 29jan18 - I immediately released your dance today and our ladies were very positive about your dance. Thanks. We are waiting for another beautiful dance of yours. Many greetings from Nieuwstadt, the Netherlands.Frits and the girls. The Barefoot dancers

Helen Pietroforte, Vista,Ca. 29jan18 -Thank you for the dance & music. Can’t wait to teach it!

Jenifer wolf Canada - 29jan18 - Thank you for the sheet and music, will be teaching it.

Mike King, Lincolnshire 29jan18 - Many thanks for email with step sheet , really appreciate your kindness in sending them over. Your email arrived just in time as i was wondering what beginner dance to do for my beginner class on Wednesday and you have saved me the time !!. Will be teaching this week and 'well done' to you. Kind regards as always

Ilse Netherlands, 29jan18 -I do love the dance and will teach it to my class. Take good care and happy dancing always.

Sheila Martin 29jan18 - Loving your new dance Outside In by Lane Turner. Myself and my girls here in Aberdeen are very fond of your dances. They're right up my street!!

Lorna Cairns 29jan18 - Thanks very much Diana, I am always on the look out for beginner dances as I feel there is always a shortage in that category.

Margaret Koll 29jan18 - I will definitely teach your dance in my classes

Jean O Hare 29jan18 - thanks I really liked it and I'll give it to the lady I go to tomorrow morning, she doesn't do manY new dances as shes older but if its easy its ok x

Sue Ann Ehmann 29JAN18 -Love this dance! Thanks for sending the script. Definitely on my "to teach" list!

Sandy Kelly (outside Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) - 29JAN18 - That's a neat dance Diana!!!!!!

Hazel Pace 29JAN18 -Thank you will let you know how it goes,xx

Mary Phelan 28JAN18 - Perfect for beginners Diana - I will teach it on Wednesday.

Morton Mcburnie 28JAN18 - A great wee line dance. Well done Diana. Thoroughly enjoyed being one of you Guinea pigs

Roz Crawford 28JAN18 - That's a lovely wee dance...and I love the music! Can't wait to try it, when I am back on my feet!xx

Sandra Craig Nice wee dance to country music, this will will be great for my beginner classes. Thank you Diana, always on the look out for beginner level dances,

Nancy Phillips Edinburgh - 28jan18 - Brilliant night and such welcoming people. Diana's new dance was terrific!

Lyn Mckinnon Edinburgh - 28 Jan 2018 - Was at Diana Dawson’s night at Lindean on Saturday night brilliant night always made very welcomed good atmosphere and plenty of dances.
She taught us her new beginners dance Outside In . I liked it will be teaching it on Monday and Tuesday nights classes like the music to.

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