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11.LET IT BE [C] 2003
4-wall Line dance Improver/Easy Intermediate Level
Choreographed by Diana Dawson September 2003
Music Suggestions: “Let It Be” by Paul Bailey (124bpm) CD Love Me Forever
Cotton Country Queen by Ron Wallace (as danced on Video)
“Crying Over You” by Rosie Flores (138bpm) CD Women of the Heartland
Blame it On Your Heart by Patti Loveless (150bpm) CD Steppin’ Country 5

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Steve Bisson (Kibris Liners, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) e-mailed to say: "We have recently taught our intermediate group another of your dances, "Let It Be!" to "Blame it on your Heart" by Patti Loveless and I must say they just love it, we have also danced it to "Cotton County Queen" by Ron Wallace." - Dec 2007

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