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Count: 48 Wall:4 Level: Improver
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Scotland UK) August 2017
Music: Lifeís About To Get Good by Shania Twain (100 bpm)
Album: Now (DeLuxe), track available from Amazon & iTunes

Published in the magazines pictured below
Up Country magazine
October 2017 issue
CMDS magazine
October 2017 issue

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Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances December 2017 issue
LIFES ABOUT TO GET GOOD is included in the Top 10's of:-
Ms P Smith, Warwickshire

Pauline Bell 03/09/2017 - Review on Linedancerweb -A great little dance and it's so good to do a new dance to Shania Twain. The chorus is very catchy. Easy enough to pick up but it makes you think a little as there are quite a few coasters and sailors.

Margaret & Jim Dazley 4sep17 - Hi Diana, thank you for this dance, we have tried it and really like it, works well to the music so please keep up the good work.

Ellie - Country Line 24aug17 -Love the dance and the song choice. I will be teaching at Llandudno in November

Alison Oldfield 18aug17 - Just taught it last night. Was a hit with the class!

Iris White 17aug17 - Hope to teach it at the Sunday class, Diana xx

Lyn Mckinnon 16aug17 - Went down well in both classes

Ginny USA - 16aug17 -Hi Diana, Looks Good, Will teach it when we get done with the fair.

Joy Ashton FB 15aug17 - Taught this yesterday, class enjoyed it!

Gordon Elliot Sydney Australia 15aug17 Looks a good dance and I will be looking at teaching it at my classes. Take care from this side of the world

Angie JenkinsFB 14aug17 - Taught this dance tonight went down very well. I think it will be my ladies favourite xx

Margaret Koll 15aug17 - Good dance. I will teach it when I start back in Sept. Thank you so much

Marion Brechin 14aug17 -Just got round to going over your New Dance ... I like it and will teach it Thanks x

Angie Jenkins 14aug17 - oooooo love this just downloaded the steps and music and just learnt it, going to teach this one tonight.

Iris White 14aug17 - Hope to teach it at the Sunday class, Diana xx

Caroline Thomas FB 14aug17 - Lovely dance Diana, really like it x

Glynis 12aug17 - Thank you so much for your new dance. I certainly like the track, always liked Shania, so we will certainly teach your dance.

Paula LezanNorth Java NY USA - 13aug17 - Very nice dance Diana, Thank you for sending to me.

Tony Cross 11aug17 - Looks GOOD to me, many thanks,

Sandy Kelly Canada 11aug17 -Thank you Diana for sharing your latest, as soon as I get the chance I'll give it a try. Shania Twain attended Pinecrest Public School for grade eight in Hanmer, Ontario(just outside of Sudbury, Ontario,she was known then by her birth name) and my son Steve was in the room across from hers....

Vivian, So. California 11aug17 -Thank you Diana, I always like your dances and especially your choice of music.

Lyn, Ontario Canada 11aug17 - Thank you ..your kindness is appreciated. Now off to dance it.

Eve Moraghan 11Aug17 - Thank you so much, I love the music and will teach it next. Still a big hit in all my classes is The same thing happened to me.

JoAnn Arizona 10Aug17 - Iím soooo excited to do this. Thanks so very much for doing this as I love this song. Great Choreography!
(Many thanks to JoAnn from Arizona who suggested this piece of music to me for a dance - It has worked out well - Diana)

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