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Updated 03 June 2017

116. ONLY YOUNG ONCE [C] Count; 64 Wall: 4 Level: Improver
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (Scotland, UK) April 2017
Music: You’re Only Young Once by Derek Ryan
Album: Happy Man (available on Amazon & iTunes)
# Long intro – start at the end of the instrumental
This dance has two tags, end of wall 1 and end of wall 4


Published in the magazines pictured below
Love2Line - online mag
May 2017
Country Music & Dance in Scotland - August 2015

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Elaine Kelso FB 22may17 - It's a goodie xxx

Lyn Mckinnon FB 22may17 - I like this one x

JoAnn 22may17 - Love this dance! thanks so much for the music to it. Will be teaching this for sure

Eve Moraghan 22may17 -Hi Diana, I saw the video and loved the Dance

Carmen Grima - Youtube comment 22may17 -beautiful line dance as usual thanks for sharing

Carmen Grima Malta - 16may17 - Hi there was wondering if there is a video to only young once beautiful song beautiful dance saw them dancing it on the dance floor we live in Malta
It's coming soon - Diana

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