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Count: 32 - Wall: 4 - Level: Improver
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (Scotland) January 2017
Music: I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) by Keith Urban or Johnny Brady
(available on Amazon & iTunes)
A lively up-tempo song by Keith Urban from quite a few years ago
the dance has four tags but don't panic!.. they're easy to spot
and you'll find yourself doing them automatically at the end of each chorus,
just after the words .....I wanna be your man forever...

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Wednesday Class

A&J's Weekend

Pony Chen

A&J's Weekend, Blackpool 28jan17
Taught at Workshop by Tony Stanton

Blackhall, Near Hartlepool, Charity Linedance all-day event - March 2017
Urban Love Song was taught at both afternoon and evening workshops

Lesley Cole's Stagecoach weekend at Bournemouth April 2017
Brian & Linda taught Urban Love Song

Phoenix Club, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham - 16th November 2017
Urban Love Song taught at Line Dance class prior to entertainment by Dave Inglis
Dave also sang the song for the dance!

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
Feb/March 2017
Up Country magazine
March 2017
BWDA members magazine
March 2017

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Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances December 2017 issue
URBAN LOVE SONG is included in the Top 10's of:-
Eric Fletcher, Manchester

Collinson 26/09/2017 Linedancer Review - Taught this last weekend the class loved it. Great music by Keith Urban and steps to compliment. Ought to be higher in the charts. (No 46 in Linedancer Top 50 and No 17 in their Improver charts 09Oct17 - Diana)

Gocountrystu - Stuart Wilson 26jul17 -I would just like to say what a nice dance this one is !Michelle Risley has taught it to her classes with great success in recent weeks and I taught it to mine last Tuesday, wonderful !Please keep them a coming !

Margaret Kirkby Linedancer Review 29/04/2017 - Great dance, a little bit of speed to it, but fits the music perfectly, my class loved it, catchy tune from Keith Urban, enough about it to suit all levels from improver onwards, hope it does really well. Small tag danced 4 times but music tells you when.

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances May 2017 issue
URBAN LOVE SONG is included in the Top 10's of:-
Mrs L Lewis, Cheshire
Ms D Law, Cheshire

Morton Mcburnie 21apr17 (on hearing Urban Love Song entered Linedancer Top 50 at No 49).... Being a relative newcomer to line dancing, several of your dances are in my small repertoire. It comes as no surprise that you are in the top 50 & should be higher. Well done & keep up the good work.

Western Lines Linedancer Review,12/04/2017- Taught this dance at weekend event and at classes prior to this. Well liked, nice track and sensibly choreographed..Hope it stays around for good time,Thanks Diana,......

Lyn Mckinnon - 19 March17 - Love this dance

James Dazley we would like to say a big thank you for teaching Urban Love Song which is a really good dance, every one there enjoyed it. Margaret & Jim,Blackhall

Gerald Adams 19 March 17 -It is going great in our classes.HOPE Rolling along will too

Denise Nicholls - 17 Mar17 - Dances and recaps this week .... URBAN LOVE SONG by Diana Dawson very popular

Annie Buckman 16 March 2017 - We did it Tuesday night great dance

Eddie Morrison 13 March 2017 - Taught it and my class love it. well done

Kathleen Davies 13mar17 - Love it already learnt x

Gerald Adams 12mar17 - A one dance going fab in our classes

Jim Pearson 12mar17 - Teaching it on Tuesday great dance

Dawn Weale - 12mar17 - Love the dance!

Christine Bruce 12 March 17 - Nice Dance x

Jean Webb 12mar17 - Taught in class they love it !!

Brenda Dancer Gilliver 11mar17 - It's good when you've already got the music and don't have to pay to download it xx

Marilyn Clapham 11mar17 -Lovely dance Diana xx

Shirley Wood 11mar17 - I have taught it at my 2 classes in County Durham went down well I'm a fan of Keith Urban xx

Denise Nicholls 03mar17 fb - New dance this week URBAN LOVE SONG by Diane Diana Dawson, easy but nippy little dance...

Lilian11feb17 - Did this dance on Thursday class loved it. thank you and good luck with it

Millie Dusha 30Jan17 - FB -I taught your dance at a workshop last Saturday. Everyone liked it. Will now be teaching it in my classes.

Amy Lefeber Stagecoach Country Dancers - 29jan17 - Wow, another nice dance.

Vivian, So. California - 27jan17 -Thank you Diana for the information and the video. The videos are so helpful.

Ilse - 27jan17 -Watched your videoclip of Urban Love Song, very nice dance indeed. As well as the song. Thanks so much for making the videoclip, very helpful in teaching.

Ursula Thiele 27jan17 - thank you for the wonderful dance. I soon try to teach it to my dancers.

JoAnn 26jan17 - Love seeing the video Will teach this one for sure.

Jean Forbes Buckie - 26jan17 - Video is excellent Diane and my class also love your "Dance With Your Heart"

Elma Robertson FB 25Jan17 - Taught it in all my classes now Diana they love it

Elma Robertson 19 January 2017 fb - Taught it on Wednesday Diana great dance and music.

Mary Phelan, Edinburgh 19jan17 - Just looked at this dance and I like it - will teach tomorrow - well done

Jim Pearson, Shetland 18jan17 - Dear DIANA thanks for the above dance .i think its excellent .and will teach to my class in febuary

Tim To - 18jan17 Very catchy music. I will go over the step later on, Most likely I will teach to my country music class (only on country music).

Mimilapetitesourie 18jan17 -thanks I like it

Peter De La Croix - Thanks Diana --- I like the music to your dance. Peter. fb 16jan17

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