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110. DANCE WITH YOUR HEART [C] now available
32 count 4 wall Easy Improver line dance.
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (UK) Aug 2016
Choreographed to: Dance with Your Heart by Heartbeat Duo (Australia)
Album; ‘This Country We Love’, Available on iTunes

Silloth CW Festival, November 2016 - taught by Ken Green

Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
October 2016
Up Country magazine
November 2016

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
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Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances January 2017 issue
DANCE WITH YOUR HEART- included in the Top 10's
Alice Dewhirst, Lancashire

Tony Cross 07nov16 - Just got back from Country Festival at Silloth, Ken Green taught your Dance "Dance With Your Heart " it went down well, once again many thanks.

Dance with Your Heart published in Up Country magazine - November 2016 issue
Carol & Grant Manson Heartbeat Duo - 25 October2016 - That is wonderful Diana! We are thrilled that 'Dance With Your Heart' has been featured in this magazine. Thank you so much for choreographing this great line dance to one of our Original songs from our Album 'This Country We Love'....

Heartbeat duo FB comment from Wagga Seniors event 15sep16 - ....It was great to see all the dancers having fun on the floor to every song. We were especially surprised to see some who had learned Diana Dawson's new line dance 'Dance With Your Heart'.

Jean Croly 08sep16 - My class LOVED your dance “Dance with your heart”

On Release of Video 08-sep-16
Vikki Morris Looks great x
Carol & Grant Manson Thank you again Diana, we have many line dancing friends who have been awaiting your video.....
Carol & Grant Manson (Heartbeat Duo), Australia -FB 08sep16 - Lovely to see everyone dancing at 2016 Millport Country & Western Festival (UK) to our song 'Dance With Your Heart' from our album 'This Country We Love' ~ Thank you so much Diana Dawson (UK) for choreographing this great dance....Cheers from Grant & Carol.. HeartBeat (Australia)
Lorraine Davis Good To see Folk Having Fun While listening and dancing to HeartBeat.. xx

Rosalee Musgrave 06sep16 -Thanks so very much for your new dance. Hope it gets really popular!

Jean Croly 06sep16 - Just to let you know my class thoroughly enjoyed your dance yesterday

Tony Cross 06sep16 - Taught the dance on Monday evening. They liked it, done it 3 times, can't wait for the new one.

James Pearson, Shetland, 07sep16 - What a super peerie dance, Kay has taught it to our class and everyone thought it was great. Had a wee bit of bother getting the music, but ok now. Our class at the present has two favourite dances - "If you want me" and this one, Kay thinks they are both brilliant.Keep them coming, thanks.

Lindys Dance Lines 02sep16 - I like the looks of this dance and it should be perfect for my beginner/improver class. I will let you know when I teach it too. :-)

Peter de la Croix 30aug16 - Thank You So Much Diana -- the music sounds great -- we will do this dance in class this week. Peter.

Carol & Grant Manson (heartbeat Duo) 29 August - Fantastic to hear Diana, what a lovely new line dance. Thank you for choosing this song to choreo to & feature at the festival.

Carol &Grant Manson (Heartbeat Duo), Australia - 22aug16 - We are thrilled to hear that Diana Dawson from the UK has choreographed a New Line Dance to our song 'Dance With Your Heart'. Diana will be teaching the dance at The Millport Country & Western Festival at the beginning of September. The dance sheet will be available on Diana's website from 1st September and is a 32 count 4 wall Easy Improver line dance.

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