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68 counts, 2-wall, improver line dance.
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (Scotland) April 2016
Music: The Coast of Texas by Gene Watson CD: Gene Watson Ö.Sings. (16 count intro)
Track available to download from iTunes & Amazon
Many thanks to Jim Brett (Country Friends Duo) for suggesting this song - Diana

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Wednesday Team

The Villages - demo

The Villages - Teach

Taught COASTLINE at the Phoenix cmc Newton Ayecliffe on Thursday evening 13May16

Taught COASTLINE at Stagecoach Promotions CW weekend at Bideford, Devon 21/22 May 2016

Published in the magazines pictured below
Up Country magazine
May 2016
CMDS magazine
June/July 2016

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Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances January 2017 issue
COASTLINE - included in the Top 10's
Western Lines, Dorset

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances September 2016 issue
COASTLINE - included in the Top 10's
Mrs N Moore, Essex
Jannine Moreside - Suffolk

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances August 2016 issue
COASTLINE - included in the Top 10's
Annie Hill, Essex
Mrs P Close, West Sussex
Mr T Scott, Hampshire

Barbara Watson 31 July - Diana Dawson taught us coastline on a visit to our club in newton aycliffe. Lovely dance good to see it is number five in the line dance chart x x

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances July 2016 issue
COASTLINE - included in the Top 10's
2-in-Line Dance Auchterarder
Janice Riley Bristol
Mrs A Dawson West Midlands
Mrs I Horscroft Ceredgion

Up Country Magazine July 2016 issue - Top 10 Dances - Coastline at No 5

Lance Merlin 29 June - Recorded it yesterday on my new cd......brill song

Gerald Adams 19 June 15:50 - A Fab dance been dancing it for a few weeks love it x

Margaret Thomson 18 June 2016 - Lovely dance ! Classes love it! Taught it weeks ago !!

Keith Biggs 18 June 17:56 - Like that dance,very catchy.

Elma (CLYDE COASTERS) 31may16 - Many thanks for your latest dance .... Coastline. Taught it to my class last night and they gave it the thumbs up. One easy tag and re-start. Great track by Gene Watson. Tried to submit a Review in the Linedancer ......... but there was some sort of blip! Error!!We love the dance. And I always include 'Sylvia' at my class. Good luck.

Linda and Brian Western Lines. 30may16 -Have taught Coastline now at two of our classes, yep, liked it so great, will add to our files.

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances June 2016 issue
COASTLINE at No 9 in the Up Country Dances Top Ten

Up Country Magazine - Top 10 Dances June 2016 issue
COASTLINE - included in the Top 10's
Ms D Blake, Northamptonshire
Mr P Sanderson Oxfordshire
Miss G Barry Lincolnshire

Western Lines 25/05/2016 - Diana taught this dance on 22nd May at a weekend event with us, went down really well. Good track and steps fit very well. Well worth a teach and sure most dancers will enjoy doing it. Thks Diana, another nice dance..Worth a good 5 star - Linedancer review

Lois Lightfoot 17/05/2016 - Iím really loving cleverly crafted dance to a smart track of music that has a cool twist, with its familiar step patterns it was a pretty quick teach for me. Its really the music that makes this dance different go have a listen and see for yourself. Linedancer review

Eileen Scattergood 7/5/16 - Thanks Diana. Love Gene Watson. x

Angie Pennington Newton Aycliffe 16may16 - And what a smashing dance it is Diana well done. Was lovely seeing you again take care x x

Jeanette Robson 16may16 - It's on my list Diana!!!

Iris White 16may16 - Taught it at Dunbar class Diana, went down well

Elma Robertson Aberdeen, taught Coastline - 11may16 LDUK

BWDA members magazine - Hot Picks May 2016 issue - "COASTLINE is Diana Dawson's new dance and a very nice dance it is too!"

LittleHiawatha5481 Youtube comment 01 May 16 - Very nice dance and beautiful song, Diana. Thanks for sharing and all the best.?

Iris White FB 27apr16 - Had a look Diana, liked what I saw. Will be teaching it on Sunday night at Dunbar. Good luck with it

Marilyn Florida USA 18Apr16 - Thanks Diana.I really like this dance!

Mary Phelan 22/04/16 - I taught your new dance this week and everyone really enjoyed it - well done

William BrayFB 19 April - I taught it last night it went down great

Gerald AdamsFB 19 April - Great Dance It is on our list this week

Liz Allcock FB 18 April- Looks brilliant, will have to try it. Thanks once again.

Vivian, California - 18/04/16 -Thanks Diana, we really enjoy your dances.

Arthur Betsie Van Houten, Netherlands, 18 April ;Very nice dance.

Rosmarie Johansson, Sweden, 18 April - Riktigt bra musik o trevlig dans (really good music and nice dance)

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