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107. SYLVIA [C]
32 counts, 4-wall, improver line dance
Choreographer: Diana Dawson (Scotland) February 2016
Music: Sylvia’s Mother by Mike Denver (163bpm) 8 Count Intro
CD: The Galway Boy
Track available to download from iTunes & Amazon

Choreographers note: This is an up-beat version of the Dr Hook song from way back!
Thank you to Nigel Slater and Hayden Allen (UK Country Artistes) for bringing this song to my attention.
Nigel has also recorded it on his album Love’s Standing (Right in front of me) available at his gigs

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Music Video
Mike Denver

Dance Video

WORKSHOP TAUGHT AT; LDF National Day 19th March 2016 at Moodiesburn, Nr Glasgow
Published in the magazines pictured below
Love2Line (on-line mag)
Issue 7 March 2016
CMDS magazine
April/May 2016

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Julie Snailham FB 20 April - On my list to do Sylvia tomorrow in class Diana x

Julie Snailham FB 18 April - Learned about 6 new dances this morning - my favourites were...... Sylvia's Mother, Diana Dawson....

Caroline Pearson 23mar16 - Sylvia,has gone down well,i've also passed it on to our friend Andrea,in Benedorm.So it's been danced abroard.Look forward to your next one.Caroline.xx

Marilyn Clapham FB 10mar16 - Many thanks taught the dance Sylvia ladies loved it. Such a lovely reminder of a good song. Brilliant dance too.

Jeanette Robson 7 mar16 - plan on teaching it shortly xxx

Marilyn Clapham7mar16 -- Great dance a big hit I hope for you.

Mel Fisher 7 March - the people on the weekend at Eastbourne loved it hun xxx

Nigel Slater 7 March - Great singalong track too for listeners. Well done Diana Dawson. X

Sylvia Hill 5 March 20:38 - love it Diana.

Mel Fisher FB 5 March at 17:41 ·At Eastbourne this morning we taught..... Sylvia by Diana Diana Dawson...all liked well xxx

Donna Andrew - FB 5Mar16 - Love your new dance Sylvia, I taught is Thursday morning, and we dance it last night when we went to see Nigel Slater ... well done x

Noreen Fitzgerald FB 05Mar16 - Blast from the past I loved the song and I like the dance

Denise Smith 4 March 11:17 - love that one. Well Done

Leigh Moss 3 March 20:36 - The class liked the dance but didn't like the singer. We will have to try and get the song with someone else singing it. Diana's reply - try the Nigel Slater version!

Joyce Dawson Davis 4 March at 00:01 I like it...thank you for sharing (video link)

Leigh Moss 3 March 19:26 - Practising the dance now ready for lizs class tonight

Mel Fisher - 3 March at 18:09 I like that xx

Marilyn Clapham 2 March 14:51 Lovely dance Diana x

Elaine Kelso 2 March - The girls loved it. Music is fab Well done you xxx

Elaine Kelso 1 March 18:15 - Going to teach it tonight Diana, love the song xx

Susan Coulam001mar16 - Dave and I have just gone through the new dance Hopefully it will be taught at class tomorrow night.

Caroline Thomas 8 March - Very nice song and dance x

Faylene Bradley 01mar16 - Thanks heaps Dianna ( Love it )

Dyan Morton 29feb16 - I was just wondering what to teach on Tuesday when your email came in. I love that Dr Hook song as I come from “way back” too. Dance is just the ticket for the class so that’s Tuesday’s dance sorted.

Jennifer Wolf Canada 28Feb16 - Will plan on teaching this after April if we can get the music, on slow dial up, thanks for sending it.We are doing a few of your dances at our upcoming Jamboree.

Dave Anderson 28 February -We (Thrillbillies) also sing this one, Diana! X

Elma 28feb16 - Many thanks for your latest dance. Love the dance and the music and think my class will agree. Had my dance list all prepared for tomorrow night's class plus a new dance ......... but have decided to teach 'Sylvia'.Will let you know how it goes.

Leigh Moss FB 28 February - I will definitely be learning this one. Magic.

Michelle Risley 28feb16 - Thank you xx hope it does well for you


Christine Cleavley 27feb17 - Thanks for the new dance, it should suit my improver class well.

Mike King 27feb16 - Thanks for script Diana, this is my 'cup of tea' and will def. teach it. Love the music and really hope it goes well for you. I will certainly give it all the recommendation I can.

Tony Swift 27feb16 - Liked the Dr Hook version. Mike Denver sounds good too.Will take a look

Eileen Scattergood 27feb16 -I will teach it my classes. Regards Eileen x

Kel Britton (Urban Cowboys) 27 February 2016 - Great track that Diana and easy to cover... should do well for you x

Mick, Stetson Stompers I like the track we love county the most down here in Bradford/Leeds so keep you posted. 27feb16

Kel Britton 27 February 14:15 - Great track that Diana and easy to cover... should do well for you x

Frank Young - Great news!......I can start singing Sylvias Mother again ! 27feb16

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