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4-wall line dance 64 counts, Intermediate level, Choreographed by Diana Dawson (August 2015)
Music: Here's To You & I by The McClymonts. Album: Here's To You & I, (124bpm) available on Itunes and Amazon

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Shetland Western Linedancers (1)
Walk Through

Shetland Western Linedancers (2)

TAUGHT AT WORKSHOP; Millport CW Festival 4-6 September 2015
Lindean Social Dance , October 2015
Published in the magazines pictured below
CMDS magazine
October/November 2015
BWDA magazine
February 2016

It's really good to know that other clubs and classes are doing my dances, and especially when it appears in a club's top 10 dances as printed in various magazines, reviewed on-line, or included in a teaching survey.
This page will mention YOUR name or club as and when I hear about it...
Thank you for your votes, reviews and teaching my dances- it really means a lot to me.

Annie Ziolkowska 29/05/2016 - Linedancer Review - ood choreography to a great track. Easy tags. Very enjoyable dance

Janis Budgen LDUK group 18mar16 Dance Reviews -Kiss My Oh no maybe not! Their music is always upbeat and infectious and I found myself really enjoying this dance.

Lois Lightfoot FB 10 March-its a great dance Diana my lot love it x

Lois Lightfoot Line dancer review 7mar16 - Not sure how I missed this one but so glad a fellow instructor pointed me in its direction, because otherwise I would have missed out on this catch up beat well thought out dance from Diana Dawson defiantly one my class liked straight away.

Lin Linedancer review - 05/02/2016 - So glad this dance has started to get noticed and taught, its a great dance and deserves to be filling floors. Step sheet is now in the BWDA magazine, so hopefully it will become popular. Really good easier Intermediate dance with very simple tags and 1 obvious restart. The music kicks in great from the 2nd wall, and the dance fits perfectly, Its also one you could get smiles with actions to the Lyrics - Raising glasses, Hands on hips, etc

Richard Chantry 4feb16 - Taught your dance Kiss my Lips and it went down very well

Catherine Walsh FB 29 January at 14:56 - love kiss my lips well done

Boogie Boots FB 29 January at 15:12 - Got Big Big Love ready to teach and been doing Kiss My Lips from the start of the year just absolutely love it thank you

B.W.D.A. magazine February 2016 - "Hot Picks".... Check out KISS MY LIPS, great dance and music from Diana Dawson, enjoying this ne to a super track by The McClymonts (see dances in this issue)

Derek Howarth Worthing- LDUK email group wrote...Some really good dances around at the moment. These are some of my latest teaches.....Kiss My Lips....28jan16

B.W.D.A. magazine February 2016 - Members Review - I taught this dance as the first one of this year and it went down at storm. I do quite a few of Diana's dances as they seem to hit the spot for may dancers. Some nice choreography......!

Mike - 7jan16 - I taught Diana's Kiss My Lips last night at Route 66 in Worthing. Went down a storm. Well recommended. Nice choreography Diana.

Wilma Wade 3 November 11:20 FB - Nice dance and good music

Ruth Brown 26 October at 23:43 - Taught it. Love it xx thankyouuuu xx

Ruth Brown 25 Oct 15 - Looks fab and just what I'm looking for to teach tomorrow night.

Jeffke Camps 26 October at 03:35 - Taught it already in a workshop the first weekend of october, and is well-recieved!

Elizabeth Mullarkey O'Donnell 26 October 12:58 - Lovely wee dance xx

Lorraine Walker 25 October 15:37 Loving this dance and the music x

Lin 15/10/2015 12:51:36 Linedancer review - Surprised that this one isn't catching on everywhere. it is an easy Intermediate dance that would suit most dancers. The music is a great Myclymonts track that really kicks in from the 2nd wall. Easy obvious tags and restart. Love it!

Cathleen Bossaller, California - 8Oct15 - Hi Diane....San Diego Cathleen, here, thanking you for another fun dance. I taught Kiss My Lips today and the dancers were enthusiastic about both the choreography and the song. great job!

Marilyn Clapham 4Oct15 - Lovely dance,.. I will give it a go tomorrow, my ladies love your dances. x Thank you

Katharina Tratter 30Sep15 -thank you very much for information about your latest dance great song! I like this dance and Im sure my classes too.

Barbara Hignett 30Sep15 - Thank you for your new dance step sheet I plan to teach it at the next Class looks really good

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