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02. ZYDECO STARS [C] - 2001
4-wall Line Dance Intermediate Level
Choreographed by Diana Dawson (Jan. 2001)
Choreographed to: "Fais Do Do" by Charlie Daniels (see note)(CD - Awesome 2), Start on vocals

Published in the magazines listed below

December 2000 British Western Dance Association BWDA2000
May 2001

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Zydeco Stars - Reviewed by Diana Lowery on Linedancermagazine.com - 26/11/2001
"Lovely dance to a great tune - very catchy"

Zydeco Stars - Reviewed by Dave Kinsey from England on Saturday, December 15, 2001 - Linedancermagazine.com
This is a cracking little dance, short but sweet. it fits best to the Mary Capin Carpenter track, Saturday Night at the twist and shout but is more challenging to Fais do do. It makes a pleasant change to review a new country dance. - 5 boots

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